Are Your Ads Nagging Your Customers?


If you are like me, seeing the same commercial play on Hulu every 15 minutes while I am trying to watch a show, doesn’t get me to want to buy their product, it does the exact opposite and I never want to see that commercial again.

The most recent example of this marketing strategy is with Microsoft. If you have Windows 7 on a machine capable of using Windows 10, chances are you are getting swamped with ads from Microsoft telling you to upgrade. Continue reading

The Power Of A Celebrity Brand


Recently you may have noticed Apple coming out with their newest iPhone ad using celebrity Jamie Foxx. Seeing this ad, I am instantly reminded about the power of a celebrity brand and how important it is for a company. I then think of how I can help relate this to my students, helping them in their business. In truth, products must find some level of fame before consumers will buy them.

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When Complaining Is Good For Business

complaint pic

We all have those clients who when you hear from them you think, “Here we go again.”But maybe you are being too quick to judge. Maybe they telling you something that you really should be hearing.

As a business owner, complaints are a strategic tool you can use to increase your business. Use the information that complaints generate to make your business grow. Welcome complaining customers. Make them want to give you their feedback personally, instead of posting it elsewhere online, with a few of these simple guidelines: Continue reading

Women Fighting For Power In The Workforce

women power pic

More often than not, what happens to women in business is they start to feel invisible. While some learn how to yell to be heard, others learn to settle and stay in the background. Getting ahead in today’s competitive cutthroat business world is tough. Each year, universities award women more than half of all US bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and almost half the students graduating from law school and medical school are women. Yet female employment in some fields exhibits the “thinning effect,”in which women fail to move up the professional ladder. Continue reading

How to Increase Your Prices the JT Foxx Way


Here’s a question I get all the time, How do I increase my prices? Well, there is no really easy answer for that. But I can tell you, if you have a strong brand, it’s 100 times easier to raise prices. Yesterday I spent 8 hours in a studio recording what I think is one of the best branding programs ever produced. But in the meantime, let me give you some tips on how to start earning more by increasing your prices and not losing your clients. This works for a product, service or investment Continue reading

The #1 Reason Why Startups Fail

startup failure pic

Why do some businesses succeed while others fail? What exerts the greatest influence on the fate of a new business? Looking at the five factors – idea, team, business model, funding, and timing – many believe that that the team and idea execution are the most important. Surprisingly, team and execution rank second, and idea rank third. And a startups funding and business model are not initially integral to the success of a business because enterprises can launch and grow without having these two elements in place. The winning factor is timing. Execution definitely matters a lot and the idea matters a lot, but timing matters even more.

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Trump is dominating the Polls Because He is a Master Brander


You either love Donald Trump or you hate him. Regardless you have to respect what he has accomplished in business. He is probably one of the best the world has ever seen at personal branding and I think everyone can learn from him. There is a reason why his condo projects sell out and he charges more per square foot than anyone else. Or his hotels rank among the best and his golf courses continue to wow. It’s all about branding and positioning. George Ross, his former right-hand man of 47 years and Celebrity Apprentice judge recently retired from the Trump Organization and came to work for me. Although George has been coaching me for 6 years  on the art of branding and marketing the Trump way, for the first time I am revealing those secrets to you.
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Implementing Real Change In One Hour

Implementing Change

If you are pressed for time, welcome to the club. Everyone is. What differentiates productive people from procrastinators is not the amount of time they have, but the amount of highly focused energy they can devote to a given task in a limited time span. If you are like most busy people, you cannot completely reshape your entire schedule on a whim, but you can block off one hour to concentrate on a specific project.

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