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What is Coaching?

JT Foxx with 3 of his coaches {left to right} George Ross, Hugh Hilton, & Mark Anthony Bates

Coaching… seems to be a popular topic today, but what is coaching?  Who should get a coach?  And does someone really need a coach?  So I figured I might as well have a conversation about it and I will share my thoughts and my own personal experiences when it relates to coaches and coaching. 

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Going big, really big at Google

“Go Big Or Go Home.” That’s what I often advise my students when I’m helping them take on a new project or launch a new business. And now I know that Google’s CEO agrees with me.

I just saw a Wired magazine article that was published this week. In it, Google CEO Larry Page sat down for a rare interview with one of the magazine’s editors – and this caught my eye: Continue reading