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J.T. Foxx is known worldwide as a serial entrepreneur, a real estate investor, and is considered one of the top speakers, strategists & the #1 coach in business, wealth, & real estate. He came to the United States from Canada with $974 to his name 8 years ago and since then has turned his misfortunes into various business empires and opportunities  from all over the world all before the age of 30.

JT Foxx is a radio and TV personality.  JT has had his radio show for 7 years now with some of the biggest business names in the world from Trump, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Welch, Kathy Ireland, Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, Senator McCain, Rev Jesse Jackson, and many more. JT has also appeared on CNBC to talk about his success and ideas on business.

He is also the founder of Mega Partnering & Mega Partnering Africa. Mega Partnering is regarded as the world’s #1 wealth networking and business conference attracting attendees from all over the globe who come to learn, earn, and return.

One of JT’s passions is philanthropy.  JT is currently on the Board of Directors for the Eric Trump Foundation benefiting St-Jude Children’s Hospital and is now setting his sights on helping the Nelson Mandela Foundation and spreading it’s message and vision of the great Madiba.

He will also be releasing his first and anticipated new book coming out soon.


  1. Mathew


    Just curious if you are previewing various business plans, and if so, where to send them. With or without you this will launch and be a great success, but as you know, businesses successes can be much greater with the right partners. I believe in your message, your attitude and your stern business practices. I’m a 30 year old real estate investor/entrepreneur, but this new venture will spread my wings into quite a different industry —> Lifestyle/Wellness/Dietary Supplements. A quick search on the Internet will expose the shear size of these markets, and when you add the Baby Boomers, and our USP, it’s a no-brainer.

    If looking at a “Lifestyle” products line, marketed and branded in such a way it will attract Generation X to Gen Y is up your alley…let me know. This is easily a $100 hundred million and beyond business over the course of just 3-5 years.

    Feel free to communicate with me via email at [email protected] or call my personal cell 503-454-6860


    Mathew Yates

  2. Maria Goretti

    Really looking forward to seeing you in Toronto soon. We are a family trying to fly a student from Ghana West Africa to Canada for the Christmas Holidays. Wondering if you knew of any charitable organization than might be able to help with flight costs. Take care and all the best to you. Happy Holidays.

  3. haseel

    I’m 19 years old, all my friends just want to party. When I just wanna change this world for the better. You may laugh when you read this comment or you may smile, but I will and nothing will stop me. I was your last event in SA (durban). As I was siting more to the front taking down notes, you truly have a heart of gold, an mind like I have never seen. Hope you keep on changing more lifes out there. You have somthing in your eye that I call, a worldchanger.

  4. Arthur Francis

    Hi JT,

    1. I really enjoyed Mega Partnering Africa 2 and my son Richard was excited to have a pic taken with you and Steve Wozniak (“The Woz”).
    I was excited too as I’m an “Old Timer but without Alzeimer)” who first introduced Apple II back in 1982, to a company called AEG-Telefunken and used it for financial modelling during a tough period when the company was planning on closing its doors. I couldn’t understand a word of German and had to rely on my boss (the general manager and his boss, the CEO) to translate for me. The entire spreadsheet in ‘Visicalc’ was in German! But I managed – nothing like perseverance to get a job done! So finally after many years, on 15 March 2014, I got to see “The Woz” and JT Foxx at Mega Partnering Africa 2. THANK-YOU!

    2. There is a verse somewhere in the scriptures that talks about “What ye sow ye shall reap” and seems to me that you will reap great rewards and benefits because you “practice what you preach” and exemplify “Giving Back”, and your rise to success is truly a great inspiration.

    3. I enjoyed your coaching sessions and panicked when I lost my diary and precious notes in a leather file. Probably, the “thief” thought it was an i-Pad and then dumped it, disappointed. Imagine my relief, when Security Management from the Sandton Convention Center ‘phoned me on Monday 17 February, they’d found it! What the dumb “thief” had missed was something far more valuable than an i-Pad – indeed a thousand or more i-Pads. My notes had been about your Strategic Turn-around Model, which I had taken down at an earlier presentation you did in Johannesburg, and where I had bought a VIP Ticket to attend Mega-Partnering Africa 2.

    Thanks COACH !
    Hope you kick some ass when you attend Harvard later this year!

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