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  1. Simon-Paul Ridgeway

    Spent a valuable weekend at JT Foxx Mega Partnering Seminar, in Boksburg South Africa. Invaluable knowledge learnt and actualised.

  2. Dennis Gottlieb

    HI JT.
    As I said to you in LA some years ago you will be bigger then Kiyosaki and today you are.
    At age 72 you are an inspiration to me. I had it wrong.
    I did not know it was MIND-SET that was the key.
    I lost over 60 years from the wrong focus.
    Thanks to you I am reversing that.
    About your law suits. Check history.
    The railroads had a policy and reputation they would fight ANY law suit for as long as they could through all appeal’s no matter the cost.
    As a result no one wanted to spent the money to fight them.
    Just make sure everyone in the press knows that.
    Check it out with your older coaches like George Ross who are old enough to remember those times to see if that method works in today’s world.
    You friend in LA.
    Dennis Gottlieb

  3. Donna Bush

    Good afternoon JT,
    How are you doing? I have a question for you! If you have pattened your ideas for your business and intellectual property. The ideas were used without your consent and over 476 millions of dollars were received for the Idea. Would you sue or let if go?

  4. Tinashe Ruwocha

    JT thank for inspiring me, I saw you on Loveworld sat. Im inspired my question is how can i get to follow you effectively

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