Everyone wants to talk about branding, but do you even know what having a brand means?

There are a lot of things that go into the building of a brand, and regardless if you like it or not everyone has now become some level of a brand.  Partly in thanks to the world of social media, and the accessibility that the internet has given us to both create and consume content, everyone is becoming a brand.   So the first thing you need to realize is that right now exactly how everything stands, you are a brand!  

Next choice is yours, you can decide to do nothing and everything will remain the same or you can decide to understand what your brand says and what the things are that you can do to make an impact on your brand. This will ensure that you start building your brand with intention and vision instead of just letting happen while you aren’t looking.  

If you want to do nothing, this would be a great place for you to stop reading. But, if you want to actually grow and improve your brand, then let’s get started!  

The first place to start is by looking at where you are in your brand journey right now.  Once you know where you are it makes it easier to determine where you are going to go next. 

First Question to ask yourself… (and be brutally honest – the only person you hurt by not being honest is yourself) How long have you been in business? 

You can only say you are brand new if you started your business within the last few months, let’s call it 90 days to be exact.  Anything longer than that is not new anymore, you would fall into one of the other categories.  Baby stages 0-3 years, teenager 3 – 10 years, and adult 10+ years.  This is simply you evaluating and answering based on how many years you have had your business… if you have had your business for 3 years but only started to focus on it 2 months ago, you still have had the business for 3 years.  This is simply how long have you had the business.  

It does not matter if you have been focused on branding during that time or not, you have still be operating a business and that has an impact on how people see you and your business. 

Next question… What is your next milestone you want to reach in your business?

Maybe it’s to turn profitable, maybe it’s to make a 6 figure profit, or make a 7 figure profit, maybe it’s to hire more people and scale your business. 

Answer honestly, remember…. know where you are so you can build to that milestone. The more profit you drive, means the more sales you have and the more people who have been exposed to your brand. 

Next Question…. Do you think you currently have a brand? (if yes, how do you feel about it?) 

You are the only one who is seeing your answers so be honest with yourself.  There is no right or wrong answer. 

Do you have a website? (if yes are you happy with it) 

If you don’t have a website I will say here is a note for you… get one ASAP!! 

How do you feel about your social media presence?  

If you are asking yourself what is social media, or immediately thought do I still have my log in or when did a post last…. I am going to just let you know that you most likely don’t have the best social media presence and exposure.  You need to start building that right away and start posting things relevant to your business. If you are posting pictures of dogs skateboarding (as much as we love dogs) and you are trying to build your brand around your book you wrote and wanting to speak about it, then it probably isn’t relevant.

All of these questions were to get you to think a little about your brand and your business, we can all read things and consume info, but if you don’t take a step back and think about how it relates to your business then you are not being strategic about where you are and where you want to go in your business with building your brand. 

Now is when you realize that every interaction someone has had with you and your business had made an impact in creating your brand, and what the perception is of you and your business.  The second someone goes on your social media, website, or landing page they should know right away what you do, the business or industry that you are in.  It should be VERY CLEAR!  If it isn’t clear you are creating a brand of confusion, and that isn’t going to help you grow. 

Do you have results, success stories, case studies, and testimonials?  If not you need to show that you do what you say you can do and that your clients are happy with their purchases with you.  

Have you done anything that is cool that people would find interesting?  This could help elevate your brand!  So many podcasters are building massive brands right now because of the people they have interviewed.  If you want to start your own podcast show and have it seen internationally by thousands of people on a successful streaming platform to build your brand, CLICK HERE.

If you have ever spoken at a conference that gives your brand authority as you were the one on stage speaking not the one sitting in the audience.  Being the featured on a TV show, Radio show, Magazine, or other print interview gives you a level of branding and credibility.  So if you have any of those things… YOU NEED TO BE USING THEM.  If you don’t have any of these things, start to think about how you can get them as that is going to drastically add to your branding and credibility.

In case you want a step by step playbook on building a successful brand, getting noticed and getting results, get the Proof of Success: Branding today!

In closing don’t forget… you are your brand and it doesn’t matter if you embrace it or not that is the fact.  So you need to start acting on it, and saying yes I am my own brand and how do I want to show up for my customers, clients, and audience! 

Be your brand (because you already are)!

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