Welcome to the World of Streetwear – The Art of Starting a Luxury Brand from Scratch

My Journey with Simon Beard on JT Foxx Podcast Episode #111

If there’s one thing streetwear enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs can look forward to, it’s the insights shared by Simon Beard, the CEO and founder of the internationally acclaimed Culture Kings, in a recent episode of the JT Fox podcast. As someone who has paved his way to success and built a powerful brand that stands out in the competitive streetwear landscape in Australia, Simon Beard’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

The Culture and Business World of Streetwear

When the term ‘streetwear’ comes to mind, many may think of it as a niche fashion genre exclusive to sneakerheads and the like. However, Simon asserts that streetwear is much more than that—it’s analogous to a skilled open-format DJ who knows exactly how to blend different genres of music into one seamless experience. For Beard and Culture Kings, streetwear is an intricate mix of sports, music, fashion, and pop culture, providing a one-stop destination for complete outfits and a genuine brand experience.

The Art of Branding and Scaling

Creating a successful brand involves more than plastering a logo on a T-shirt and hoping it sells. Simon speaks of streetwear’s evolution from its underground origins to mainstream prominence. The real challenge, as he puts it, is mastering the art of growth without sacrificing the ‘cool’ factor. For Culture Kings, the approach was to meticulously bootstrap the business, avoid investors or debt, and focus on creating repeat, loyal customers — the bedrock of any thriving enterprise.

Starting a Luxury Brand from Scratch

In a candid exchange, Simon outlines how he would start a premium luxury brand to compete with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci. The focus would be on creating products with perceived value through innovative design and compelling storytelling. Simon’s strategy would involve marketing sold-out items even before production, seeding exclusive items to influencers, and capitalizing on their organic reach to build brand prestige and desirability.

The Power of a Personal Brand

Having successfully transitioned from streetwear mogul to influencer, Simon is now on a mission to build his personal brand and establish a private equity fund. The strength of one’s personal brand, as shown by moguls like Elon Musk, can significantly contribute to a business’s value. Simon’s journey into personal branding has already opened doors to investment opportunities and has demonstrated the potential of leveraging social platforms for business growth

The Importance of Authenticity in Branding

Simon’s conversation reflects a disdain for those who preach hollow business principles without the experience to back them up. Conversely, his approach to business and branding is underpinned by practical, real-world experiences and success. This authenticity is quickly discerned by discerning listeners and can act as a beacon for genuine content in a world often led astray by flashy yet substance-lacking figures.

For those looking to tap into the essence of branding and entrepreneurship, following Simon Beard on social platforms will prove to be as enlightening as it is motivational. And for those interested in the intersection of culture, business, and fashion, checking out Culture Kings’ offerings will be a delightfully edifying experience.

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