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Why You Won’t Succeed…(Unless!)JT Foxx Success Review


Success is not easy. In fact, making your first $100,000 will probably be the second hardest thing you do in business. The first one is making your first million. Ironically making your second million will be one of the easiest things you do. Why is that? First of all, one of the things that suppresses success more than anything is fear. Now to succeed, you need passion. Passion is not something you can teach or put int someone, you either have it or you don’t. My key to success is not buying properties, businesses, or stocks, I have succeeded because I have invested in people. That isn’t something I invented. In fact, I simply took what other people were doing and made it better. This is a classic wealth strategy called Conceptional Implementation.

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Leadership is defined by Tough Decisions


Tough Decisions Define Leadership

While on a recent flight I was reading Success magazine and came across an article that got me thinking… do you really become a great leader.  Some people are just born with leadership qualities and others really have to work at it.  But there is something that all leaders have the ability to do….

Make tough decisions

As a leader, boss, or manager there are always those decisions that aren’t going to be the popular choice but they have to be made.  If you have the mentality that you have to be everyone’s best friend you aren’t going to be the best leader to drive everyone forward.  So many people get hung up on worrying about what people will think about them and not wanting to be the “bad guy” and wanting to be everyone’s friend.

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I want to be your CEO (yes….you read correctly)


YES I AM ARROGANT (Read the whole blog First)

Whether you have zero people working for you or 100 as some of my coaching clients do, I have decided to put myself in your shoes and become your CEO for a few minutes and I am going to this for FREE…

The Plan…

As CEO with limited or no funds time has never been so crucial. Here is what I would do  for you.

Step 1: Implement a revenue growth strategy. It’s all about growth and if I increase the numbers of clients, and the number of partners, this will triple growth. The best part is that I will do this without ever costing one single cent.

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Will the Real JT Foxx Please Stand Up… Who is JT Foxx?


Ironic that I will write this blog after just leaving the Eminem concert. Now I have never had a drink, done drugs, or even smoked. I don’t care if other people do, it’s just a personal belief that I have kept based on what it did to my family. Although after leaving the concert I may now know what it feels like to get high, because I think I may have been the only one not on anything… although I am high on life and the prospects which it brings.

So who is JT Foxx? A question hundreds of thousands of people continuously try to ask themselves and so far it has been impossible. Nothing my family, best friends, partners, and even the people closest to me have been able to figure out.
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Top 10 Success List


Wow, what a response about my personal schedule hour per hour. I am glad many of you were able to see that if you are strategic with your time, you can do so much more.  If you missed it for whatever reason, you can see it just before this post as well as other hard hitting articles: 

We have received over 1000 emails about putting up a mini course about Time Management. I don’t want to do one, but Damien my CEO is pushing me hard. He thinks it will increase the success of students. Each program takes Continue reading

A Day in the Life of JT Foxx


It’s no secret that I am very good at time management,  It was my biggest weakness is now its my biggest strength.

Everyone has the same 24 hours so how do I run all my companies, properties and world schedule, it’s actually easier than you think. It’s not about time management, it’s about energy management.

Here is my breakdown of last wed
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The Ultimate Book Writing Scam…what JT Foxx Thinks, The Dreamers Oasis.


I get many many emails and Facebook messages each asking me this question should I write a book?. I have two perspective for you and I hope this will clear this issue once and for all.  This is the JT Foxx honest opinion on this topic.

First Perspective

You are successful or on the cusp, you are know in your industry but you lack branding and you need that book. A book alone won’t help but if it part of a intentional congruence strategy, this is something my coach has ingrained in me from day. Many times success is about connecting the dots, taking everything we do and making them in Continue reading

Does Super Bowl Marketing Work?

Going Big with Michael Irvin and Samuel L Jackson

Should you Create Your Own Super Bowl Super Campaign?

In the US, there really isn’t anything bigger than the Super Bowl. It is one of the most celebrated days that isn’t actually a holiday. The Super Bowl has become one of the most entertaining events of the year, regardless if you actually like football or not.  For all the non-football lovers, there is always a show-stopping halftime show. Last year, the halftime literally stopped the game, as the power in the stadium went out as a result of the power that was used to light up Beyonce. The other aspect that keeps people entertained are the commercials.  The Super Bowl may be the one time during the year where people will actually tune in just to watch the commercials. In 2014, the average 30 second commercial went for 4 million dollars, and most of the big-time, national commercials are 60 seconds, running them anywhere from 7 to 10 million dollars for one commercial!!

Is it actually worth it?
Year after year, the key players keep coming back and spending the money so there has to be something to it, but where is the return on 4 million dollars? Over the past 5 Super Bowls, there has been an average of 105 million viewers, which in media terms works out to about $40 CPM (meaning that for every $40 spent that commercial is seen by 1,000 people). In marketing terms, that’s a pretty great rate to command such a large audience‘s attention.  But you have to make an impact…otherwise your dollars were wasted!

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Do you deserve a gold medal?


What do the Olympic Athletes and Successful Business owners have in common? Vision, Planning, Sacrifice, and Determination!!

You need to look at yourself and your business and ask yourself this following question: are you willing to do what it takes to win a Gold Medal in Business? So many people often want to know how have I been able to achieve all the success that I have at such a young age…well it’s the same ingredients that make an Olympic Gold Medalist.


I always have a vision and know where I am going.  It’s not just a vision of where I am going tomorrow or next month; it’s the next 6 months, next year, and the next 10 years.  You have to know exactly where you want to be; otherwise you won’t know how to get there. I know exactly where I want to be in 5 years, how many businesses I want to own, and how many people I want to help make successful.  So I know what I need to do in order to get there.  What is yo Continue reading

JT Foxx Apologizes to Jacquelyn Lynn


When cooler heads prevail everyone wins.   Over the past few months there has been a war that is ongoing between Jacquelyn Lynn and I over comments posted on her blog.  I had originally considered these comments to be defamatory and false about my business and myself.  I do have one of the best legal teams that money can buy, and I pride myself on that fact.  My initial reaction was to make an example of Ms. Lynn, so others wouldn’t attempt to do the same things she had.  The first blog that she has written wasn’t actually a conspiracy against me as I had imagined but was in face complimentary about my SEO Strategy.  The first amendment does provide protection for freedom o Continue reading