Efficiency Equals Profits

Efficincy Equals Profits

The number one way to optimize your business is by using the right systems.  Most people run their businesses emotionally rather than with data and facts.  Avoid running your business emotionally by creating systems.  Operate sequentially, not emotionally.

As a business owner, your only job is to think.  Take a piece of paper and start thinking.

Here are some topics to start thinking about to start running your business more efficiently.

  •     How are we delivering our services / products
  •     Are our people in the right roles
  •     How do we treat our employees and how is our culture
  •     How do we hire employees
  •     What systems are put in place to manage our operations
  •     How are we treating our customers
  •     How are we attracting money, what are our sales and marketing systems

Efficiency equals profit.  Your job is to be more strategic than your competition.  To divide yourself from your competition, what is your competitive advantage? Don’t be lazy and copy what the competition is doing, instead.. think.  Know what they are doing, but think of what is missing in your space that no one else is doing.

What I learned a long time ago… “Business is simple, it is the business owners that are complicated”.   How are you going to make your life easier this week?

To Your Success,
JT Foxx


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  1. Jase Sirois

    Efficiency improves profits and also many aspects of life. Efficiency can be applied to even a one-person business!

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