Creating Massive Focus


Fear is the most significant barrier that faces anyone who sets out to create something new.  You can eliminate that fear by learning steps to refocus your energy into action.  Focusing is a skill you can learn.  Think back to a time when you were able to concentrate completely on a task – what you might call “being in the zone”.  Now think about what keeps you from attaining that highly productive state on a regular basis.  More often than not, it’s fear.

Knowing and applying a few steps can help energize your focus and make the most of it.

  1. Determine the steps you will take.  They make up your roadmap for action
  2. List the tools you will need.  Have them ready and available
  3. Get started.  Taking decisive action to being your project creates momentum
  4. Constantly check your progress against your list of steps.  This positive feedback will build on the momentum you have started
  5. When distractions arise, and they will, acknowledge them, then get rid of them and go im-mediately back to work on your chosen project
  6. Keep working until you have completed all of your steps for the day.
  7. Congratulate yourself for completing the task and give yourself time to relax

Self-improvement is about constantly moving forward so that you never stop learning and never stop setting new goals.  Focusing on the steps creates a action, which creates momentum.. which bulldozes over fear.  Creating a routine and dedicating a specific regular time and place to work with intense focus will help you make it a habit.

If you don’t see changes happening, you are focusing on the wrong things.  Remember, solving the wrong problem is one of the most significant reasons that real change does not occur.

To Your Success,
JT Foxx

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