Are you Earning Your Worth?

 If you aren’t it’s because you’re a Horizontal Thinker

3P8A3828Are you a tactical thinker or a strategic thinker? Your answer can make all the difference. It has for me.  The first lesson I learned, when I was broke and struggling, was to ask why. I was full of ideas and dreams. I wanted to change the world. I worked hard, but I quickly came face to face with a simple reality; you can’t help others unless you help yourself first. I realized that I was too much of a tactical thinker. I focused on the “how to”, the details, rather than the strategic “why”.

Here’s a great example of tactical versus strategic thinking. A person who knows how to put a computer together or repairs a computer makes $15 dollars an hour. This is a tactical thinker. The person who knows the why, how it all works together, the person who is always finding ways to improve it, these are the strategic thinkers. People like Woz (Mark Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer), a strategic thinker, end up very successful and truly change the way we use, view and think about things.

Strategic thinking is the gateway to innovation. How you view change is how you succeed. 99% of all entrepreneurs are what we call horizontal thinkers; they come up with a bunch of ideas to help their business function, but only scratch the surface on big picture things. Sure the day-to-day work gets done, but without a broad strategy, without asking why, all that happens is what’s already happened. You don’t go up. You go across.

Every morning for the past seven years I’ve feed my mind before I’ve eaten breakfast. For the same reason you have to feed your body to survive, you need to feed your brain as well. After that I do 30-45 minutes of strategic thinking without any interruptions, which includes turning off my cell phone, which is my biggest asset but also my biggest distraction. I tackle one topic in my business. It could be increasing web conversation, how to increase sales, the launch of a new product and I spend all of that time coming up with as many ideas as I can to improve that one topic. Sometimes the ideas can be ridiculous, but I don’t stop until I strike gold with an aha moment. At the end of that time I’ve consistently found these aha moments, every single day 7 days a week, 30 times a month. This dedicated time every day leads to innovative success. When you apply this one simple change, I virtually guarantee you won’t recognize your company.

The more strategic you are, the more you focus on what you are good at. Delegate the rest and the more successful you will become. Stop asking yourself the HOW of things but instead focus on the WHY. These small innovative changes in your business will put your company so far ahead of your competition that you will find yourself creating the market instead of being a player in it. This applies not only to entrepreneurs but to employees, executives and corporations at large.

So here is my advice to you. Stop scratching the surface and start immersing yourself into the powerful world of problem solving and solution finding. Not only will you see your bottom line grow but also your bank accounts or paychecks will grow proportionally to that.

Want to earn more? Don’t think differently. “THINK VERTICALLY”.

Congratulation to Kevin Kan who is featured in this picture above who in 1 short year quit his job and became even more successful than me in his first 9 months. He did it all because of our Coaching and Vertical Thinking.

For more on this concept check out my new book coming where I dedicate a whole chapter on the subject. 

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