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I have spent the last 33 days circling the globe meeting business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and there are a lot of people that have the exact same problem.  It doesn’t matter the business that you have, the industry you are in, or where you want to grow your brand personally, everyone has the same problem.

No one is comfortable selling.

In a lot of the countries I actually met with people for 1 on 1 meetings to help them solve an issue or overcome an obstacle in their business.  It was astounding to me how similar the problems are and how simple the solutions can be.  I know I can’t sit down with everyone so I wanted to go over a few of the things that seem to have reoccurring themes from these meetings.

1. Confidence – Confidence is the Key to anything, if you aren’t confident in what you are doing and who you are no one is going to listen to you.  You have to want to believe in what you are saying before anyone else is going to.  I know this better than anyone.  For so long I had no confidence and started to believe that I was a loser because that’s what everyone else was telling me.  I had an awful stutter, and was far from the cool kid in school.  Even though I played sports and did a lot of the things that the “cool kids” did, I still wasn’t cool and I let everyone else take my confidence away from me.  It wasn’t until I started to believe in myself and get my confidence back that I was able to over come my stutter.  Only then would other people believe in me and really “buy what I was selling.”  Think about it like this, would you even be interested in reading this blog if I didn’t come across as knowing what I was talking about, and having the success behind me that I do.

This is the first step to your success, having confidence.  You might think well it’s just my idea, I am not the face of the brand, the customers don’t deal with me.  But I bet you either have a team of people working with you, or want to build a team.  How is anyone going to look up to you, be lead by you, or want to listen to you if you can’t come across as having the confidence in yourself.  Everyone you work with has to be 100% sold on your vision and believe in what they are doing, and how it contributed to the vision.  If you can’t do this then your team isn’t going to stand behind you, they are just going to “do a job.”

You might not be involved in sales but you are always selling what you believe in and your business concept to someone.  So you have to have confidence in that to be effective.  If you are confident and passionate about what you are doing you are going to go much further.

2. You don’t know how to get more customers – If you aren’t gaining new clients you aren’t going to be able to continue to grow.  You can continue to find other products/services for your current clients, but you have to find some new clients if you want to have continued growth.  How and where do you find more people are the questions….or are they the most important questions?  What you need to also be thinking about and more concerned with, is when you find them how are you going to convert them into a client for your business.  This is where the Marketing and Sales piece come together, and have to work together.  So many people get lost in the marketing portion of this that they completely forget about the sales process.  You can do a great deal of marketing your product, service, or even your personal brand, but are you prepared to go for the close?

Do you have that person and process in place to make sure you aren’t missing any opportunity to gain new clients? If not then you need to get that in place.

3. Thinking you don’t need a sales team – A lot of people think they are going to do it all on their own, but that’s just you creating another job for yourself not creating a business. You have to look at what makes the most sense to create a sales team in your business so you aren’t doing all the selling by yourself. You can’t do everything! This is usually one of the easier areas of the business is to bring people on board as you can offer people incentive based pay, or commission. So this way the team is based on performance. This is a key part of your business so you have to get on board with this.

If you have this team in place and they aren’t selling, it might be because they aren’t passionate about your business, product, service, or maybe you personally. Your passion about what you do has to be contagious so that the people who are selling for you have that same passion and belief.

If you want even more great content on how to Pitch, how to Sell, and how to Close click here to find out more about how you can become an expert sales person!

– JT Foxx


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