Are you Earning Your Worth?

 If you aren’t it’s because you’re a Horizontal Thinker

3P8A3828Are you a tactical thinker or a strategic thinker? Your answer can make all the difference. It has for me.  The first lesson I learned, when I was broke and struggling, was to ask why. I was full of ideas and dreams. I wanted to change the world. I worked hard, but I quickly came face to face with a simple reality; you can’t help others unless you help yourself first. I realized that I was too much of a tactical thinker. I focused on the “how to”, the details, rather than the strategic “why”.

Here’s a great example of tactical versus strategic thinking. A person who knows how to put a computer together or repairs a computer makes $15 dollars an hour. This is a tactical thinker. The person who knows the why, Continue reading

JT Foxx Blog |The Biggest Thing Holding You Back…..I Know What It Is


I have spent the last 33 days circling the globe meeting business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and there are a lot of people that have the exact same problem.  It doesn’t matter the business that you have, the industry you are in, or where you want to grow your brand personally, everyone has the same problem.

No one is comfortable selling.

In a lot of the countries I actually met with people Continue reading

No Need To Go to Business School, Marcus Lemonis on the CNBC show “The Profit” is your Professor

I never thought I would saInc-Marcus_JT-Foxxy this about any reality shows but watching CNBC’s show “The Profit” is not only worth your time but it will actually make you money. It’s a show that should be shown in every high school, colleges and universities all over the world because it focuses on the fundamentals of business “People, Product and Processes” Marcus Lemonis 3 fundamental philosophies to success.

On the surface it’s hard to imagine this show would be a hit. Marcus is a low key all around nice guy who is not one for theatrics and drama. He instead mirrors the powerhouse entrepreneur rather than the cocky business reality show nut job that is usually required to get ratings in this day and age. Tony Robbins reality show on NBC was cancelled after two shows because nice positive messages don’t get ratings.

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Stop Chasing the Money: 24/7 Passive Income the JT Foxx Way How I Survived the Last Recession with My Best Years.

I have recorded every coaching session I have done over the past 6 years and I will be the first to say that back in the old days I was probably one of the most uncoachable people I knew. Now my coaches and I, I have 5, will say I am the most coachable person. I have a rule when it comes to business I do not take advice from people that are less successful than me and neither should you. One of the big problems I faced 6 years ago is that all my eggs were in one basket and although my coaches kept preaching hedging and diversification, they said if one business is down, your income is not all that effected. Continue reading

JT Foxx’s Charity Work of Success with Significance


Money does not bring happiness but it does sure bring freedom. All perspective seems to go away when you spend all day at a place like St-Jude Children’s Hospital. I have been on the board of the Eric Trump Foundation for a while now where all proceeds go to this amazing hospital but I actually never made the trip despite all the money I have helped raise. What I saw at the hospital was part WOW at the amazing process they have put together. Continue reading

Another JT Foxx Coaching Succcess Story!

Another coaching success story. Thabo Eric Mashale was a guy who drove me to the airport with a crappy car, and 1 year after coaching with us he has 5 cars now, runs companies in Cape Town and Johannesburg, owns a beautiful home in Midrand and wants to move in Dainfern. He has his own driver so he can network with his clients and started another business which is a networking group. He is black and did not do it with BEE government. I am so proud of him and he is now a huge success story because of my coaching. Please share this amazing success story. #CoachingWorks #MillionaireUnderdog #FamilyFirst

- JT Foxx

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People’s Favorite Energy Drink HATERADE

Haterade Blog

I get so many emails and messages each day on how to handle betrayal, haters, nay-sayers and non-believers. Let me be the first to tell you that it’s not an easy thing. As Sylvester Stallone told me personally. you have to take that negative energy and sort of turn it into a driving force. People often wonder why I fight back against haters and why do I even give them attention. Well perhaps like Stallone says, I have used that fuel to drive me and not give them the satisfaction of failing. Haters are like bullies and they often either keep hating because no one ever says anything back or they hate because they can’t do it themselves and would rather see you fail because if you do, they feel better about themselves for not succeeding.

The lesson should be
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Why Do People Hate on Other People’s Success?


“My coach told me that haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise; you hear them but you can’t see them. Then, right when you walk by them, they’re quiet. At least the cockroach doesn’t pretend to be anything else. I know where it stands.”

Everyone loves a good entrepreneurial story on the way up, but as soon as you make it, they all want to see you come down. Success brings out jealousy and haters. I don’t know why… it’s already hard enough to live life as it is, why shouldn’t we celebrate those who make it so we can learn together and create more successful stories?
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