JT Foxx Official Views on Cryptocurrency!

There is so much talk around bitcoin and cryptocurrency that it’s taking over our social media, the news and conversations from cab drivers to billionaires. Very similar to what happened in the early 2000’s before the dot.com bubble.

I will admit that at first I did not take bitcoin seriously and with over 50 companies and brands, I just didn’t have the time. But after it crossed the $1,000 dollar mark, I couldn’t sit idle anymore. I had to get involved. I didn’t want to trade because I think trading anything is very risky, very much like gambling. I wanted to be the house, the casinos, the banks and the insurance companies. The companies that controlled everything and had the big buildings. This is when I discovered this could be achieved by cryptocurrency mining. The biggest issue I would be face with is the amount of money upfront for the mining, but that was not an issue for me financially. So I decided to jump head first into mining. The result… in less than 8 weeks I become a Crypto Millionaire. Now I decided to bring people along with me, so I can share what few people on this planet are able to do, Mine Cryptocurrency.


My philosophy on cryptocurrency, it will either make me a billionaire or I will lose all of my investment of capital and time. For me this is my Go big or Go Home moment. That is why I suggest you that you not put more than 10% of your net-worth into CryptoCurrency and if you invest look at it as you are going to make more money than you ever thought possible or you will lose it all. Bitcoin is either going to $50,000 or go to zero. So when I invested, I am mentally prepared for either scenario. CryptoCurrency is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s more like a buy and hold. My partner and I along with many other people in the industry are letting it ride and not cashing out. Such a strategy has already proved to be fruitful with the price going past $17,000. Even though I have made millions, it’s only virtual millions until I cash out. I don’t even look at it as I am making millions. Lot’s of people in the 2000’s counted their paper millions but when the stocks crashed, the paper was worthless.

How can you can involved? Who are your partners?

We are going to allow people to buy mines in our existing mines we own, as well as the many more we are building. Rather than having to pay very high upfront mining fees, you will just be able to put your mining machines in our operation and we will host it, run it, and offer lifetime mining as long as mining is still profitable or exists. Our terms of services when purchasing mines will be very clear as to what you are getting. There are many mining scams, ponzie scheme that cashing into the crypto hype that we have to be very careful. In addition many pool mining or other types of mining that are really not beneficial for the client both in the short and long term that it will hurt legitimate mining operations like mine. On December 11 we will be doing a very soft launch for people to get in, everyone but USA citizens. We are still consulting with our legal team and getting legal opinions on the best direction to take for everyone in the USA. The law is very grey in the USA and we want to make sure we comply fully, get the right disclosures even if there is no law yet.

*** Please note that there are no official partners of mine unless they are personally approved by Crypto Wealth 1 or Crypto Wealth Mining (it’s marketing arm of Crypto Wealth 1). A lot of people are claiming to be my partners to sell other mining products that is not mine or affiliated with me.

White label Mining

In January we will open the opportunity for our clients to white label our mining operations so that they can sell mining to their clients, friends, and family while ethically profiting from the opportunity. We are in the final stages of conducting legal reviews, disclosure forms and how it will all work. This is not a network marketing idea or product, although my partner owns one, I am not an owner of it. The white label will be no different than being a reseller of an Apple or Microsoft product except it will be under your brand not ours, unless we cut a separate affiliate agreement. We are still working through all the details to make this happen in a way that makes sense for everyone.

What is your vision with this JT Foxx?

Even though there are big risks in cryptocurrency I see this going to very big levels. Subway, Microsoft and now McDonalds are now accepting bitcoin and on Dec 11 you will be able to buy futures for cryptocurrency. The future may not be the currency but the blockchain technology, it’s one of the great inventions of this century. On Dec 11, my partner will be the first one to launch a currency backed by gold and it will already be on the blockchain as opposed to an ICO where they raise money and then put it on blockchain. I truly believe that adding an asset backed by the currency is a game changer. The more legitimacy that can be added to the business the more sustainable the industry will be. I plan on becoming the biggest crypto miners in the world and start several businesses in around the crypto industry and blockchain technology.

Who is #BitSon?

#Bitson is referred as the mining machine that goes into the mines, and I call him my son because he makes me money 365 days and 24/7. It’s just a clever name I used to label the mining machines we use.

The role of the JT Foxx Organization, it’s coaching companies and other companies I own.

There is no role. The JT Foxx Organizaiton, the coaching companies or any other my companies I am a part of have nothing to do with the Crypto division. I own many companies and each are operate separately and independent of each other.
If you have any more questions please put them in the comment section and please share this blog post so everyone can be clear and on the same page. Your suggestions are welcomed.


  1. Victoria Turri

    Is there an opportunity to invest in only a few hundred until theres more to re invest?
    Perhaps joining a few investors in the one mine?
    If not what is the minimum investment.
    Thankyou..Really enjoyed Mega Succes will be caught up paying the trip off for a while but it was worth it!!!!

  2. Elizabeth S Obileye

    Am super interested in the blockchain technology. In addition, gold-backed crypto is the brightest idea of this century!! Am In.

  3. Robin Landsmann

    Thank you mr.JT for creating this opportunity to buy mining operations with you.
    I am not very rich but i sure am interested becoming a miner.

  4. Ole

    Wow! This is awesome J. T. I’m looking forward to adopt #BitSon myself and providing the mining service to the Norwegian marked.

  5. Yas

    JT Foxx – The Genius
    Not the first commodity mine that JT owns. He’s an extremely smart man and knows what he’s doing. I’ve been mining for 18 months and the returns have become much more promising. Granted, I only have 12 miners… If JT is doing it, I’m buying into his mine! LONG LIVE #Bitson AND ALL HAIL JT FOXX

  6. Velody

    I’ve been following Bitcoin since it was $189 & this was the clearest, most concise and truthful writing I have seen on the subject! Anyone with their eyes open & their 10% net worth ready to go this is definitely worth your time!
    #jtfoxx #cryptowealth1 #Bitcoin #bitson #mining #network #networth

  7. Dan Woodruff

    This is dead exciting news!! I’m also involved in crypto but can’t wait to see what you have on offer JT as I know it will be a game changer. I also know I’ll be investing as soon as you release it all !!

  8. Bettylynn stoops

    Hey JT, the rules for USA are they the same for Canada?
    Your machine looks like the Antminer SG – yes, no. Like the idea that your inc. Hosts the machine.
    I understand you will have something more definitive in January for NOrth American markets. Please confirm the three questions. Thanks,

  9. Cheri Sigmon

    Awesome ideas, JT. The real game changer across multiple industries is the underlying blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are the best leading use case for it. Watch this closely folks and contact JT for the next offering.

  10. Cyrus Tarakona

    Kia ora – hello, JT Foxx

    It’s great to hear your feedback and great interest with Bitcoins to date.

    I’ll be following your advise and commend you sincerely.

    Roll on January WHITE LABEL MINING!❤

    How’s it going with yesterday’s GOLD launch?

    A property real estate company in New Zealand, did the first NZ property sale in Bitcoins.

    Ive attached a link to read the news article regarding this.


    Look forward to seeing you again in Auckland NZ 2018.

    Wish you a merry Christmas

  11. Mano

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia and involved in Crypto since 2013… not a big coin holder, but a big believer about the tech it offers. I do some classes on Crypto and have a following of 10K FB page named Facebook.Com/LittleIndia.My

    Kindly update me how I can be part of your project and what would be the requirements to join it.

    Thank you.

  12. Maggie Peters

    No doubt you will take this new industry by storm! I’m a US citizen so I cannot partake :–( If you start something with beautiful blockchain, I’m your gal! Best of luck as you get this family started! #bitsongetsabrother&sister&anotherbrother&anothersister

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