The Most Powerful Speech on Entrepreneurism You Can Show Your Children!

#ChildrenAreTheFuture Do you want your kids to be a lion, sheep or snake? Your children never follow your advice, but instead follow your example. It was the first time in my life that I coached a group of kids aged 5 to 15 all at the same time by themselves, while the parents where being coaches in the other room. I found the kids to so pure and innocent in the outlook on life and free of all the excuses the parents usually give me. 

Their creativity and eagerness to learn and solve problems and inspiring to me. Their thought process, creativity and willingness to learn more was mind blowing. Which makes you think, what happen to adults? Why are grown ups filled with excuses, fears and procrastination and the youth filled with light, fire and enthusiasm. What happened?

Is it life? Is it the haters, non-believers and nay-sayers or the snake in our lives who bit us and it’s venom has killing that enthusiasm and passion we once had?

I want us to remind that light again and then never quit on our children and keep that fire inside us burning forever.

Tag as many parents here and share this post as hopefully they will inspire their kids with this video but more importantly remind themselves the person they used to be and can still become.

I hope to see you all at #MegaSuccess #StrengthByLoyalty#FoxxFamilyFirst #JTFoxx

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