You Will Get Caught!

When will people learn the value of an honest business?  And why does it always seem to be the richest people who just keep wanting more, becoming so greedy that their business becomes tainted.  The most recent case of greedy billionaire is investor Raj Rajaratnam, who happens to be named by Forbes as the 236th richest American.  He is being charged in a $20 million insider trading case.  Prosecutors say that this is the biggest trading scheme ever involving hedge funds.  Rajaratnam is the founder of the Galleon hedge fund.  The “alleged” scheme has been going on since 2006 and involves trades in major companies IBM, Hilton, and Google, just to name a few.  People, be aware, if you feel it is wrong don’t do it!  Keep your business decisions ethical and honest, otherwise you will not be able to feel good about yourself no matter where you are in life.  The value of self respect is priceless, and always keep in mind that you have to live with every decision you make.

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