Burger King: Welcome to the Future

Popular fast food chain Burger King will soon be getting a fresh new make-over.  Burger King Corp. says that they are done with the generic fast-food look and plan to turn to a more friendly and inviting environment, with the hopes that diners will chose to sit down rather than drive through.  The look in itself will be much more ‘futuristic” and modern.  Renovations are already under way in Miami, and every franchise owner is obligated under contract to eventually change their restaurant’s design to this new format.  The renovations will set franchisees back between $300K-600K.  But don’t get too excited, Burger King Corp. expects it to take years before every store is changed, so your local Burger King may not be one of the lucky ones!  At least not very soon.  The Restaurants that have already been remodeled have proven themselves with sales climbing up to 15%.  Restaurants that were closed down and completely rebuilt say an even higher rise in sales at up to 30%!  It will be interesting to see how this plays out with consumers across the nation.  Burger King is such a familiar brand to so many Americans, it seems as though customers in other areas, except maybe,  Miami could potentially be intimidated by the change.  Prices will most likely go up with the atmosphere and with their goal being a comparison to restaurants like Panera and Chipotle, well, that’s a little bit of a different crowd.  It’s definitely new and exciting, and so far, looks like a great business plan for the corporation.  We will have to wait to see how it appeals to the public, or if McDonald’s will continue to reign supreme in the world of fast food.

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