Listen up Oakbrook!

This week J.T. will be hosting an amazing 2 hour workshop FOR FREE!  Are you a real estate investor, entrepreneur, network marketer, or maybe even an executive?Have you been wondering how people find money and partners in today’s rough economic times?  Banks are not lending so, many people write it off and believe that finding these things is impossible in this market, but they are wrong!  You can make these economic times the most profitable time for you!  J.T. Foxx has created a 2 hour workshop specifically geared toward making this happen for you.  It will help you fill in that missing link you have been searching for in your business.

Some things J.T. will cover:
1) Where do you find money partners in real estate or business
2) How to network like and with multi-millionaires
3) How to brand you or your company to get noticed more
4) How to develop a powerful 29 second presentation to get people to invest and believe in whatever you are trying to do.
5) How to persuade and influence people and have them chase you instead of the other way around
6) Learn to make a super great first impression no matter who you meet.
7) Learn what kind of business can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential business. 
8) Learn on how to dominate the mind Google.
This is a RARE opportunity that you CANNOT miss out on!  Take control of your business life, don’t let these economic times take control of you.

Don’t wait, register TODAY.  The event will be held in Oakbrook on Wednesday October 21st from 12:30 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.  Can’t make it during those hours?  We will also be holding the workshop from 7 p.m.- 9 pm.  No excuses!  Let’s make this happen for you!

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