He Did it for the Business

So I’m sure by now almost everyone has heard about the “balloon boy” story. If not, last week a homemade balloon was “accidentally” released into the sky.  Sounds pretty innocent right?  Well the twist was that the family’s 6 year-old son was believed to have snuck inside before it was released. All of the major media outlets fixated their cameras on the skies over Fort Collins, Colorado.  This went on for quite some time with the balloon reaching up thousands of feet, and everyone’s heart sinking just thinking about such a young boy up there all by himself.  Once the balloon finally came down, there was no boy inside.  People speculated that he had fallen out, so a huge search was under way.  To make an even longer story short, they found the boy was hiding in the attic of their family home.  Accusations started accumulating towards the family on whether or not this was actually real.  The family appeared on the reality show “Wife Swap” a while back, and it was revealed that the father has been wanting his own reality show for quite some time.  So it became obvious that this family was media hungry.  The suspicions kept growing, and just yesterday it was admitted that the whole thing was a HOAX.  It was recently discovered that the father of the boy, Richard Heene, has been planning this media stunt for weeks. It was all an effort to create national awareness of the Heene family in hopes that their pitched reality T.V. show would be picked up.  Right now, it does not seem as though a reality show will be in their near future. Instead, this family is now faces multiple charges.  This story is so bizarre, and to think that even Denver International Airport was temporarily shut down while the balloon was up in the air, you can only imagine what other damage this caused the city and major media outlets.  I can’t stress enough, please be wise and honorable with your business plan.

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