Where Are These Foreclosures?

We hear about them in the news everyday, so why has it become so difficult to find these foreclosed homes in order to make a deal.  Banks prefer that “Bank Owned” signs no longer be posted on properties.  With “foreclosure” no longer obvious in front of homes, the odds of finding one of them while driving down the street are becoming slimmer.  I’m sure most of you are now aware that while foreclosures are incredibly unfortunate, they can be an important opportunity for a real estate investor.  So, now what do you do to take advantage of these opportunities?  Well, now it will take a little extra work.  For example, there are now specific websites that will find properties for you, but they are an investment in themselves.  There is a monthly fee to utilize these sites that are quickly gaining popularity.  Another helpful tip is to try and work with local real estate agents, they will be able to help you out, but will most likely not know of all foreclosures.  You also want to remember that foreclosures are not always a smart investment, you need to be able to evaluate your deal and be smart about it.  So do your research, and utilize your skills in order make some awesome deals and thrive even in this economy!

Check out this great article that has some tips on how to find foreclosures, and much more.

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