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People have become obsessed with twitter, for some it is hard to even take a step without tweeting something about it.  Twitter is everywhere, even on television.  The entertainment shows do segments on tweets (mostly celebrity tweets) alone.  It is so funny that single tweets are now able to be newsworthy.  With all of this attention, you have to assume that Twitter is bringing in the bucks, right?  Well, it’s hard to say, but what we can now say is that the business world values twitter just as much (if not more) than their faithful users.  Twitter Inc. was recently reported to be valued at $1 billion.  The company’s founders were given $100 million to finance operations for this internet phenomenon that has yet to generate substantial revenue.  This investment gives the founders a huge incentive to think of ways to start producing meaningful revenue.  Twitter is attempting to see how far they can make it on their own, without corporate partners.  They have already rejected a multi million dollar buyout from Facebook Inc.  Google Inc., and Microsoft Corp  were said to have been trying to do the same last year.  Hopefully Twitter’s founders won’t let all of this attention go to their heads because we have all seen that social networking sites can easily be a come and go situation.  Not long ago MySpace was the biggest thing on the Internet, it’s fading away because newer more exciting sites have come along.  There are few things on the Internet that are around forever.  With more than 54 million users worldwide on Twitter, it seems as though they are still growing.  Let’s hope for their sake, they don’t hold off on some awesome business deals while the iron is still hot.

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