The Power of Facebook

A poll created by a Facebook user has been garnering national attention.  The poll asked whether or not you think Obama should be assassinated.  The three possible answers included “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, and “if he cuts my health care”.  The poll was quickly removed from facebook after company officials became aware.  As of yesterday, the U.S. Secret Service has been investigating this online survey stating that they take these “things” very seriously.  The application that allows users to create their own polls was disabled to all users across the world yesterday simply because of this poll.  Whether or not this person was joking around is unclear, but let’s be honest, this was not a smart decision because everyone knows how seriously these hypotheticals can be, especially with our first African American President.  Although, this person probably did not think that anyone outside of his or her circle of friends would see it.  Be careful about what you put out on the Internet because if the settings are not private, you send it to the world.  Today, anything public can go viral, so don’t get yourself into trouble..especially with the government!

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