What's going on in JT Foxx's Life (Vacation, Hedge Fund, Retirement)

It’s good to be back.

I’m writing this from the house of my friend Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI. His house is huge…on the lake, complete with a stunning view. 

I’m finding myself “at peace” as I write this. I feel re-energized and I’m thinking more strategic.

In fact, strategic thinking is something I’ve been missing in my life. I’ve found being transformational (developing ideas, strategic planning transactional) versus being transactional (focusing on tactical tasks, fielding calls, the day-to day) makes all the difference in long-term growth.

That said, I’ve decided as of last week to take every Wednesday off – turn off the phone, shut off my email, get rid of interruptions to focus on marketing

Marketing is the engine that drives business. Creating leads is the key to sustainable success.

Retirement & Final Tour

Yes, the rumors are true.  I’ll soon be retiring from speaking to acquire new clients.

But no need to worry if you’re a coaching student or consulting client, I’m not abandoning you. In fact, this gives me the opportunity to focus even more attention on helping you achieve your goals. I believe you should never forget the people who help you get where you are today. If it weren’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Why am I doing this?

I feel I’m on top of my game, and business has changed. I want to focus more on the things that I teach you. Don’t get me wrong, I love business and I love real estate, but I don’t want to be on the road 25 days out of the month. It’s just not a way to live.

However, this is good news for you because I ‘m doing a final world tour with many of my celebrity friends. They’re all coming out to thank me and to lend support on this final journey.

 You should come out! Tell your friends and business contacts about it this exciting adventure. Let’s go out with a bang. To get the list of the final tour dates, please visit www.Top1jt.com .

Orlando Aug 6-7        Jay  Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) & Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank)
San Francisco Aug 13-14   Michael Gerber (E-MYTH)
NYC Aug 18-19   Donny Deutsch
Chicago Aug 9-10     Stedman Graham

Check the websites — www.Top1jt.comfor more details and info.

Vacation Recap and European tour

I just got back from vacation and the most amazing thing happened when I got back from being away 2 weeks. I still had a business!!!

No fires to put out and my business was still making money.  (I hadn’t had a break since Easter Weekend – going nonstop without more than 2 days off since last January. I really needed it!)

I went to Greece and the Greek Island. I landed in Athens first. Let me tell you this city is a mess. Public transportation was on strike and from the airport there was a 2-mile line for the cab. Because of the riots in Athens, it took 90 minutes to get to the hotel. I was only there for 1.5 days, but it was surely enough.

I saw a lot of cool sites and walked all around the city, but I found the city to be dirty and loaded with long lines to see the main attractions. 

I then left to go to the Greek Island (Santorini). It was actually very nice. It’s a small island, so I rented an ATV to get around the island – a total blast. The ATV made exploring, seeing all the beaches, and eating at all the nice restaurants easy to do. There are only 45 cabs on the island, so without it I would’ve been stuck at the Villa I was staying at. (I hate paying for cabs, it’s my pet peeve.)

The next stop during my vacation was Dublin. I had the chance to meet a leprechaun and to see the Dublin Castle. I had even more fun when I went to a property auction that was packed. It was a bank unloading their properties. I heard that 65% of all properties in Ireland are upside down. There were properties that sold for 550K two years ago that sold for only 85K. That gives you an idea of how upside down their market is right now.

Finally, I stopped in London where I had business and an event to attend. For my first time, I stayed in central London. It reminded me of NYC so much. I really liked it, but it was really expensive. My hotel was 350 pounds a night (and with a 20% percent tax…OUCH!) The people in London were great, so I’m glad that I’m starting to grow my brand and businesses in the UK.

 The opportunities in there are big, once the market turns. With the value of the pound, and it being the gateway to Europe – the UK has to rebound or else the world will be in big trouble.

Mega Partnering IV  (Over 81% SOLD)

I’m shocked that with just less than 100 days left we are almost sold out. I’ve never been so excited about an event in my life. I was looking at the list of attendees coming and it’s who’s who list of real estate tycoons, business icons, and internet marketing pioneers.

All of my successful mentors will be there, all my business contacts, my partners, and all of these people are bringing their successful contacts. There will be over 700 people at this great event. This promises to be a defining moment in all of our business lives.

 We are also announcing 2 new A-List guests, so be sure to check the website!

All it takes is one person, one deal, and one opportunity to change your life and I guarantee you will find all 3 at Mega Partnering IV.

So I need your help to spread the word about this special experience. If everyone tells all the A-Players and the successful people they know, then everyone will benefit.

We are going through a world crisis and only the strong will survive. If we all stick and work together, we’ll not only make it, we’ll prosper as well. We need to create our own economy.

Please send your friends, business contacts, and “A” level players you want to impress to www.MegaPartnering4.com.
If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for??? I don’t get it. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs will be there to network and to see how they can do business together.

There will be more millionaires and multi-millionaires than you’ll ever meet at the same time, in the same room. The top guests in the world will be there, including my coach Nido, and “The World’s Mayor”, Rudy Giuliani. You can take a picture with both of them. This will be huge branding for you and your business. Don’t wait because it will be sold out VERY soon.

Real Estate Deals I am working?  

I’m on hold from buying deals to work on the deals we’ve already acquired in the last few months. The number of great deals available today is overwhelming.

Top One Coaching

I’m proud to say that I have one of the most exclusive coaching and mentoring programs in the world. I consider my students and clients to be family members. I’m invested in their success. In fact, our motto is very simple, “We are powered by their success.” The more successful you are, the more successful we all are together. Action is not something we say, it’s something we do. 

Remember that I have 5 coaches and mentors. It’s a lot easier when you are surrounded by the best, rather than doing it all alone. If you qualify, let us help you take your life and business to the next level. Together we are the difference in your success.

The thing I am most disappointed about?

People who don’t understand that it is not the knowledge that you learn that will make you successful, it’s the relationships. (Mega Partnering is your shot…but there are still people interested in making excuses.) The reality is that everyone wants to get rich, but no one wants to do the work to make it happen.  

Upcoming Events
07.29.11 It’s Time to get Branded with Bruce Buffer SOLD OUT
08.6.11   JT Foxx Farewell Tour Orlando with Shark Tank & Guerilla Marketing
08.11.11 Billionaire Experience with George Ross (www.BillionaireExperience.com)
08.13.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour San Francisco with Michael Gerber (E-MYTH)
08.18.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour NYC with Donny Deutsch
08.26.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour Calgary with Hockey Legend Theo Fleury
09.10.11  JT Foxx Farewell Tour Chicago with Stedman Graham
09.23.11  JT Foxx Farewell Tour Toronto with Brian Tracy
10.1.11   JT Foxx Farewell Tour Los Angeles with Dave Hester (AE Storage Wars)
10.8.11   JT Foxx Farewell Tour Dallas with A-list Surprise
10.27.11 Mega Partnering IV in Chicago with Rudy Guiliani & my coach Nido
Visit www.Top1jt.com for more info on the farewell tour.
Visit www.MegaPartnering4.com.
Please pass on this email to other people in your network and let them know about my events. I really want to see you there. Please come to support me and I will be there to support you always.

Contact Paige at (877) 272-3031 x413 for details on any of the events above.

I hope this update on my life was useful. Every month I will be posting more updates. The idea is to give. I am here to live and serve you because together we are the difference in each others success.

Reach for the Stars,

JT Foxx

P.S. Add yourself to my Facebook page and see the cutest picture of Mr. Puppy ever. Mr. Puppy is my dog.

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