Who would like to increase your sales and results by $1 million? (Must Read Article)

My Secret To Selling Like CRAZY!!!

Here’s a strategy that will:

1.    Increase sales…

2.    Allow you to make more profitable sales…

3.    But more importantly increase the lifetime value of your client.

I call my successful technique ” specific relevance strategy.

Whew, that’s a mouthful. Don’t let that throw you. It’s so simple it would be foolish not to use it. Simply, it means moving up prospects’ value chain.

We’re all aware that the investor is typically the hated one viewed as the predatory shark, the bottom feeder who prays on the misfortune of others.  One reason for this (a big reason) is that most investors:

1.  Thank transactional as opposed to transformational. All they do is SELL, SELL, SELL…

2.  Don’t know their prospects or market segments.

3. Aren’t tuned into their prospects’ unique position and needs within their specific segments. (Bottom line they don’t add value to their clients.)

In other words, they don’t want “cheaper, faster, better.” Everybody sells that. People in today’s market want services that allow them to sleep better at night. You never sell the product, you sell the advantages, protection, enrichment and safety your product or investments provides.

Instead, learn to sell and to deliver those products or investments that prospects thinks about and keep them awake nights. Sell them and make them see you are a risk manager first. Learn to monetize the value of services to prospects. Impress prospects with your hard-earned, specialized knowledge. Seek to become a networking partner instead of just another investor.

That carries a heavy responsibility, of course. Deliver on every promise and include some nice unexpected service surprises along the way and let the prospect know about it. That strengthens the prospects’ perception that they made the right choice.

Want to know what prospects think of when they wake up? It’s powerful information to have during the sales process and the key to making a sale each and every time. But most importantly, you need to go to bed knowing you gave your client and prospect exactly what he needs and wants and only then will you sleep like a champ every night. When you wake up you know you helped someone. (And your bank account will grow every morning… GUARANTEED.)

At Mega Partnering IV, on the bonus day October 27 I will be spending 5 hours talking to you how to become a master sales person just like I have become. 6 years ago I used to stutter, now some consider me one of the world’s top salespeople. Here is the secret, I don’t sell, I add value… the sales come naturally.

Reach for the stars,

JT Foxx

P.S. I am also going to have my # 1 marketing guy and copywriter from my office teach you how to create copywriting that sells. I am counting down the days www.megapartnering4.com

P.P.S. I wrote this copy myself 🙂

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