In The Life of JT Foxx (Trump, Mega & Warren Buffet)

I’m writing this post from the Four Seasons in NYC where I just finished my meeting with Eric Trump.  Eric is not only a friend, but one of the nicest guys around. He’s smart, down to Earth, and we really click.

He invited me to his charity event for St. Jude and I am very excited to attend. Just Google “Eric Trump Foundation” and you can get all the details.

(As I write this email former Governor of NY Eliot Spitzer is at the hotel and so are a few high class call girls. Hmmmmm… I am not sure if there is a connection there.)

I am also working on a deal to expose all of you to Eric in the very near future, so stand by for that

A lot of you were asking about pictures from my trip last month to Greece and pictures of my dog Mr. Puppy. You can find them here:

Retirement & Final Tour

Wow, what a tour it has been! So far the turn out has been better than expected.

Donny Deutsch was amazing in NY, Michael Gerber from the E-Myth, and Stanley cup winner Theo Fleury were inspiring.

Everyone really liked the picture opportunities, but more importantly it has brought together a lot quality people to network.

Remember success is not what you know or who you know, but who knows you.

Here are the final dates of the tour. We are almost sold out, so sign up today. It’s free. All we ask is a refundable seat deposit:

  • Chicago – September 9-10 with Stedman Graham (Oprah’s Boyfriend)
  • Toronto September 23-25 with Brian Tracy and Debbie Travis (The Canadian Martha Stewart)
  • Los Angeles  October 1-2 with Dave Hester from AE Storage Wars (The Yuuuuup  Guy)
  • Dallas October 8-9 with Surprise Guests
  • Denver – October 13-14 with George Ross (Trump’s # 1 Guy)

Register at

I am very excited to have Stedman Graham join us because you know we are going to get Oprah at one of the Mega Partnering events in the coming years. Also, Stedman is on the board of High Point University. You can thank Nido, my coach, for making this happen.

I spoke to him on the phone and he is one smart business guy. You will learn a lot from him. It’s funny how life works; you never know who you are going to meet.

Mega Partnering IV (Over 97% SOLD)

We are two months away and almost sold out. We were able to get more space from the hotel so if you haven’t bought your seat yet, you’ll be missing out on the biggest event of your life.

700 of the most successful people will be there and I want you there, too.

All of my coaches will be there, all of the coaches who work for me will be there, and anyone I do business with will be there. This is the Super Bowl of all events and to think that the first Mega Partnering had only 150 people. It’s the event I am most excited about. When I look at my success it all comes from relational capital and infiltrating circle of influence.

Trust me when I tell you, Mega Partnering IV is where you want to be if you want to meet A-Players.

If you want one of the last few seats go to

We have already started working on the next Mega Partnering with Warren Buffet. Stay tuned for details. I know how to get to his heart, now we just have to put the pieces around him. Are you excited yet?

Real Estate Deals I am Working On? 

I am on hold from buying deals to work on the deals we acquired over the last few months. It’s just overwhelming the amount of great deals out there.

Success Series Webinar Started

On Wednesday we started the first Success Series Webinar. Every week you get to hear from people like Nido, Rudy Giuliani and all the other headliners of Mega Partnering IV.

The idea is to educate you and give you insights from the world’s # 1 wealth networking conference. It’s also a good way to build relationships with these A-listers since you will be meeting them at Mega Partnering IV. Below is the list of the speakers and when you’ll hear from them.

  • Nido Qubein – September 7
  • Rudy Giuliani – September 14
  • Ryan Deiss – September 17
  • Mary Ellen Tribby – September 29
  • Brad Smart – October 12
  • JT Foxx – October 19

Also, if you missed this past Wednesday’s call with the great Anthony Sullivan, who was Billy Mays’ partner and star of the discovery show “PitchMen,” you’ll have the chance to hear the replay when you register for the calls.

You can join us on the Expert Success Series here:

The Thing I am Most Disappointed About?

The US economy. I have businesses all over the world and I am so frustrated at the mindset of the American people (the root of which is partly the media and Congress). If you take a look at the last quarter’s earnings of major corporations, you will see they are making record profits. One of the biggest problems we are experiencing in the United States is that the market is not rational. It’s very irrational and emotional. We are like a congested highway right now as a country, and even the world. We need to get our foot off the brakes and just go. Put our head down and plow ahead. It won’t be easy, but if you outwork your competition, you will be successful; you can’t fail.

What My Coaches Taught Me This Month

Nido: Focus on developing and maintaining key relationships. Remember 90% of your income will come from 10% of your relationships. With your hedge fund starting you will need to keep a solid core around you. Within that core, you will grow towards the level I know you can. Remember the more you make people successful around you the more successful you will become. You are sitting on a goldmine, just make sure you share it with many.

Jay Abraham: One of your greatest strengths is your ability to monetize relationships as evidenced by Mega Partnering and all the successful people you are able to connect and do deals with. Look at what Henry Kissinger is doing, and you need to create a relational capital firm just like that. When we spend all day coaching this week we will mastermind further.

George Ross: Share your organization before you start your hedge fund. I agree with Nido, you are sitting on a goldmine, but having a hedge fund will create new pressure and responsibilities. Work on your systems and process like Donald did and you will enjoy its fruits for many years to come.

Jeff and Ken (Internet marketing coach): Generating leads should be your only focus. Generating leads is not like it used to be, and you need to nurture your list with the same “Wow” you have at your events.

Coach Mark: JT you are big target now because you are doing what most people can’t.  So people will make up things about you and talk because that’s what success brings. Suck it up, focus on your business, your students and those close to you, and you will come up on top. I know it sucks but that’s the world we live in.

Upcoming Events

  • 09.10.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour Chicago with Stedman Graham (Oprah BF)
  • 09.23.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour Toronto with Brian Tracy, Debbie Travis
  • 10.01.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour Los Angeles with Dave Hester (AE Storage Wars)
  • 10.08.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour Dallas with A-list Surprise
  • 10.13.11 JT Foxx Farewell Tour with George Ross
  • 10.27.11 Mega Partnering IV in Chicago with Rudy Giuliani & my coach Nido
  • 12.01.11 Billionaire Experience in NYC with George Ross

Visit for more info on the farewell tour.



Please pass on this email to other people you know and tell them about my events. I really want to see you there. Please come to support me and I will be there to support you, always.

Contact Paige at (877) 272-3031 x413 for details on any of the events above.

I hope this update on my life was useful. Every month I will be posting with more updates. The idea is to give. I am here to live and serve you because together we are the difference in each other success.

Reach for the Stars,

JT Foxx

P.S. Add yourself to my Facebook page and see the cutest picture of Mr. Puppy ever. Mr. Puppy is my dog.

P.P.S. Visit if you missed last month email on “My life” visit

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