J.T. has the trip to Remember in Californication Land- Day 1

Hey everyone I just got back from California and boy did I have the time of my life. I will give you a day to day rundown of what happened and certain lessons I learned along the way

Day 1-Thursday

3:30am: Get up and get ready to go to the airport. Bye the way 3:30am is way too early

4:00am: Leave for O’Hare to catch a plane

5:15am: At the airport try and returning 121 important emails I got the night before (Only got 24 done)

5:50am: Plane takes off for San Diego

10:00am-: Planes land in San Diego after a brief layover in LA

11:00am: Check in to the Hyatt Mission Bay which was AWSOME. Got a free upgrade by telling the front desk lady she had pretty eyes. I had a huge corner suite room overlooking the San Diego bay. Lesson here, treat everyone with respect and go out of your way to compliment people. Remember you always get a lot more with honey.

12:00pm: Drive to Anaheim to Angels Stadium. The LA Angels own 830am in Southern California, which is one of the stations I was trying to strike a deal with. Their offices are in Angel’s stadium so I got a super VIP deal tour of the stadium visitors’ club house as well as the Angels lockrer room. I even got to go on the field. This was an awesome experience that I will never forget. I remember thinking not bad for a real estate investor who no one thought would make it. Below I have included two videos of the experience.

Video two visiting club house

4:30pm: After the exclusive tour I fight traffic to go to KABC in LA, to see what they will offer me. I meet three of my mentoring students there to share the moment with them and have meetings with them. My mentoring students and I get an exclusive tour of the radio station which houses some of LA biggest personalities and ESPN radio. Before I go in into my meetings I have a quick meeting with my mentoring students and all three have a deal they want to talk to me about. The deal is out in La Jolla in San Diego. It is ironic that three of my mentoring students are chasing the same deal. I am not sure if this is fate or simply bad deal that is being shopped around. I commit to go see it the next morning.

5:15pm: Go into the office of KABC and really in 10 minutes we both realized that we are a perfect fit for each other. They are super excited to have me on their station. We shake hands take pictures and talk about the future. They also invite me to the Luxury suite box at Dodgers Stadium. I accept and find it really cool that in one day I would have been in two major league Baseball Parks.

6:00pm: I fight LA traffic all the way to Dodger stadium. LA TRAFFIC SUCKS…..

7:10pm: Great weather for a baseball game

9:30pm: To cap off a wonderful day I end up catching a beaming foul ball in the Luxury suites. That is good luck I am sure! What are the odds of that? To make it even better I end up on TV and the crowd is cheering me on. I will never forget this day as long as I live and I am very thankful for everything I have and the gifts that I possess I am not able to share with my students.

12:30am: Finally get back to the hotel and pass out with my clothes.

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