J.T. Foxx Signs a BIG Radio Deal with KABC

Hey everyone, yes it is official I have just signed a BIG radio deal with KABC 790am in LA (which is heard in all of Southern California from San Diego to way past LA). LA is the # 2 radio market in the country and it is an honor to be on such a big station like KABC. I have been doing radio for a little over two years now and everyone told me that national syndication would be impossible and here we are. It is ironic that the more people tell me that something can’t be done the bigger and bigger I do it. This goes from real estate, business to radio. This new opportunity will benefit all of you too because through this avenue I will be able to get even bigger guests and connections
which will benefit you at my events. This new outlet will draw in more people to network with and hopefully allow us to take this thing of ours even bigger. The show will be heard on Saturday 8am pacific time for Southern Californians and my Chicago show will be still heard at 10am central time in Chicago. You can also stream my show online at www.jtfoxxshow.com or www.KABC.com. Thank you for all your support and please spread the word and keep listening.

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