Another Day to Remember

Day 2:

7:00am: Wake up and I already have real estate and business on the brain. I am calling all my San Diego contacts to take a look at some deals today and want to get more info on the area and market.

11:00am: I take two of my mentoring students along for the ride to come see me evaluate and negotiate the deal that has been presented to me. The deal is right downtown La Jolla on Ocean Dr. I am told that the deal is worth 850K and the seller is very motivated because he wants to move to China in 3 days. We take a tour of the property, the location is amazing, the unit has been remodeled and the seller seems nice and very motivated. We sit down on the couch and proceed to talk to him for 45 minutes without mentioning a word about price. Want to hear to what happened??? Click the video’s below for the result of my La Jolla negotiation and one the funniest video’s you will watch.

3:30pm: But before that WE RAN OUT OF GAS in my mentoring students car.

Video 1: When we actually run of Gas on a bridge

Video 2: The part where he refuels up and listen to one of comments a driver makes as he passes bye. It is so funny.

Video 3: The students talk about the deal in La Jolla they came back from and what happen in the negotiations.

6:00pm. Dinner with a very successful commercial real estate investor and his wife.

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