More Deals & Meetings

Day 3-4

I spent the next 2 days looking at deals, meeting with mentoring students and speaking in Anaheim. To any of my new students, welcome! Welcome to the family and I am sure together you are going to do great things. There is no greater time to get your American Dream started or take your business game to the next level. Remember success it not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.

FYI: I just want to write and say thanks to my student Zen who waited in line to get me the new iPhone as a gift. Now that is commitment…lol.
Remember guys the 2 day events in Irvine 16th-17th, Chicago 22nd-23rd and Atlanta 6th-7th. All are welcomed and brings lots of guest too.

Now I am back to Chicago, looking at deals and planning the future for all of us. I am taking all of you along for the ride to sit tight and buckle up, we are going for a wild ride with hopefully many stops in between to the bank.

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