FRANK (student of J.T.) is the New Ambassador of Student Relations

JT Foxx F Walsh

As you know we have been growing like crazy and sometimes when you get big very quickly you have growing pains and you lose touch. Thankfully I have Jessica who does the job of 15 and has done wonders for the organization. Frank is a real estate agent and has been a great student and approached me because he wanted to give back for all the wonderful inspiration and guidance I have given him. He offered to join my organization as long as the majority of his time would still be spending investing in real estate. His job title is Ambassador of Student Relations and his job is to ensure we stay in touch and I am made up to date on your progress and any issues you may have. Every day I will be getting reports from him and this will allow me to keeps tabs on you and adjust my teaching accordingly. If you want to get in touch with Frank you can do so at [email protected].

This proves once again that I do great things with my students and that together we are taking over and making dreams happen. Welcome to the Team Frank.

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