J.T. Spends the Day Mentoring Students in the Pool


Hey guys I spent the day mentoring one of my students in the pool today and I have to say DL and I came up with brilliant ideas. In fact I believe more deals get done in the pool than in other place…lol. We came up with a couple of Million dollars ideas that I will pass on to you guys soon. Life is good when you are doing great deals and sharing the wealth and time with other other students you care about. The mentoring program has changed the life of many of my students and helped them take their game to the next level. The best part of it that the program has shown huge results. We also have a fiancancing program too that could be no interest, no payments for 6 months. I am willing to help change your life, are you ready to change yours.

If you are interested email [email protected]

P.S. After beung gone for 10 days I am finally coming home tomorrow

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