200 Million Dollar Man on the Show this Week

Bobby G

This week on the radio show I welcome on the J.T. Foxx Show in the Midwest and on the J.T. Foxx and Bill Walsh Show in California Bobby G the 200 million dollar entrepreneurial maverick and reality tv superstar on the Mojo Network. Bobby G will talk about how he made his fortune and how you can too in todays market. Bobby G is a great spirit and a money making machine, find out his keys to success this week on the show. To listen in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan go to 560am on WIND on Saturday’s at 10am or Sunday’s at 2pm or and in Sounthern California on Saturday Mornings at 8am go to KABC 790am or listen live online on www.jtfoxxshow.com or www.KABC.com

Thanks for listening and make sure you tell your friends and family about our show. Don’t forget to come to the free 2 day event to celebrate our National Syndication Deal and all the wonderful opportunities to make money in this market. For more information go to


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