You're Tax Dollars at Work!!!!


This is what happens when you don’t let the free market system work itself out. People expect the government will bail them out and then take advantage of the system. The irony here is that the government is run the same way. There is so much wasted money on programs that are not needed or programs that are only funded only because of special interest group wanted them. America needs to run like a business because if it made money like any other business it could lower our taxes with the profits it would make. But the problem is that Congress and the Senate have noooooooooo experience in buying homes, running a business or balancing a budget. The government spending 85 billion to bailout AIG only to have them couple of days later spend $400,000 on SPA treatments and golf outing is nothing more than CRIMINAL. Maybe that is why they are in trouble in the first place because of outrageous practices like these. This is an outright shame and injustice to all tax payers. But don’t worry Obama has the solution, he is going to raise taxes for anyone who makes over $250,000!!! Let us reward the unsuccessful companies with free taxpayer’s money and send a message to all other Americans. “If you achieve the American dream we are going to tax it because we need to pay for the unsuccessful ones we are bailing out”, that is our reward. Click on the article to read the insanity.

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