Short Sale Class a HUGE SUCCESS

Thank you to all the students who attended the recent short sale class in Chicago. As promised the class was small, limited and initiate. We actually role played out real life short sale situations as if we were doing a real short sales in today’s market. Although we had well over 100 people who wanted to attend this class but could not because of the class size limit.

The reason I like the role playing is because it gives people a real sense of how it out there in the real world. All it takes is one deal, one opportunity and one person to change your life. The great deals are now and everywhere and with the market in chaos now is the time to lay your claim to destiny.

I feel bad for all of you who really wanted to take advantage of the short sales class but couldn’t because the class was full. My philosophy has always been no one should be left behind and being students and friends of mine I am thinking I might do two day short class during the week before the end of the year. If you are interested email me at [email protected].

I thought the class was awesome and really left the students ready to go out there and get a piece of all those great short sale class the market is offering.

Happy Investing

J.T. Foxx

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