Women Fighting For Power In The Workforce

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More often than not, what happens to women in business is they start to feel invisible. While some learn how to yell to be heard, others learn to settle and stay in the background. Getting ahead in today’s competitive cutthroat business world is tough. Each year, universities award women more than half of all US bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and almost half the students graduating from law school and medical school are women. Yet female employment in some fields exhibits the “thinning effect,”in which women fail to move up the professional ladder.


They don’t know how to ask for what they want. Many women avoid asking for what they want because they view negotiating as confrontational. They doubt they can achieve a positive out come, and they often settle for less than they really want.

Get comfortable with negotiating, either through practice or training. Here are 7 simple guidelines to get started:

  • Recognize the “leverage”you hold in the negotiation.
  • Before entering talks, run through all possible scenarios to prepare yourself.
  • Imagine reaching a favorable consensus.
  • “Regulate”your emotions. Facts sell.
  • Find existing data that support your argument.
  • Identify “the least you are willing to accept (worst case).”
  • Identify “the ideal state you are striving for (best case).”

Map out your career with your ultimate destination in mind. Clear long-term goals will help you make the right short-term decisions. Don’t be afraid of risk and go after new opportunities even if you might feel you are in over your head.

Remember, the company is not here to make you successful – that is your job.

To Your Success,

JT Foxx

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