When Complaining Is Good For Business

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We all have those clients who when you hear from them you think, “Here we go again.”But maybe you are being too quick to judge. Maybe they telling you something that you really should be hearing.

As a business owner, complaints are a strategic tool you can use to increase your business. Use the information that complaints generate to make your business grow. Welcome complaining customers. Make them want to give you their feedback personally, instead of posting it elsewhere online, with a few of these simple guidelines:

–    Start with a “thank you”. It sets the tone for the rest of the conversation, and it tells them you are grateful for being given the chance to fix the problem.
–    Apologize
–    Quickly correct the mistake and follow it up with a phone call after the problem is solved. Send a small gift with your reply, like a discount for example, to help encourage a favorable response.
–    Tell the rest of your organization about the complaint and the solution that was created. Don’t blame the staff. Your employees will be much more likely to pass complaints along to management if you punish the process instead of the people

Train your team to handle complaints effectively and use the same procedures for internal complaints, so everyone has the chance to improve the company.

To Your Success,

JT Foxx


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