Will the Real JT Foxx Please Stand Up… Who is JT Foxx?

Ironic that I will write this blog after just leaving the Eminem concert. Now I have never had a drink, done drugs, or even smoked. I don’t care if other people do, it’s just a personal belief that I have kept based on what it did to my family. Although after leaving the concert I may now know what it feels like to get high, because I think I may have been the only one not on anything… although I am high on life and the prospects which it brings.

So who is JT Foxx? A question hundreds of thousands of people continuously try to ask themselves and so far it has been impossible. Nothing my family, best friends, partners, and even the people closest to me have been able to figure out.

Truth be told, there are 3 JT Foxxs and all are very different. If you think I am unpredictable, then you are probably right because every action and every word that comes out of my mouth is strategic. I don’t do or say anything unless it has purpose or leads to something.

JT Foxx #1–Stage JT:  Powerful, confident, entertaining and very quick-witted. My job on stage is not only to inspire but to dig deeper than you have ever gone and get that ultimate potential inside you. Love me or hate me, I don’t care anymore. I care about one thing, making sure I get the results done because at the end of the day, excuses in this world simply don’t cut it anymore. No one cares how good they are and the less excuses you have, the more successful you will become. When I teach I rarely teach the same thing twice, partly to fight boredom and make it fun for me but also to reward the countless number of people who keep coming back to my events over and over again. When I speak I am in a zone and I have one goal, powered by your success. When I go to bed at night, I don’t think how I can become more successful, I think of how I can help others get that first and I obsess about their success. I consistently am one of the best closers and speakers in the world not because I can sell but because my clients succeed. I don’t speak to make money, I speak to create a legacy and to open other doors that never would have opened had I not succeeded. I don’t care how long it takes, but I have stood in line for 2 hours for pictures because if it makes someone’s life or I can inspire them with that picture, then whom am I to say no. Rich or poor I treat everyone the same because my coaches once said to me that you never know who you are going to meet on the way up because often when you come down (we all do!), you will see these same people so watch how you act. To be honest I was an asshole for a very long time, not by purpose, because my whole life people have told me I won’t make it, everyone was always trying to bring me down, make up lies, and they all thought I would go away and I never did. Difference now is I stand before you with many many companies, over 500 properties and the title of the world’s # 1 coach. The difference in the last 2 years is that my coaches have asked me  to let that pain and chip on my shoulder all go. Today I stand before you happier than ever. Stage JT is all over the world, I have client success stories all over the world, and I am truly helping this planet to be a better place then when I first got here. Not bad for a stutterer and a loser up until about 8 years ago.

And yes I used to be an asshole–a very big one, but you have to understand that my whole life people told me I would never do it and all I wanted was acceptance from my parents, from the haters growing up, or the hundreds of girls I got rejected by in high school. But I realized that the day I became a millionaire, trying to prove people wrong was only making things worse. I needed to stop looking down for approval and instead look up. The day I did that a huge load came off my shoulders  and I became a better person. Stage JT does not need to prove anything to anyone anymore and the only person that can beat him is himself. I don’t speak against other speakers; I speak to make a difference and create my legacy. I don’t want to be known as someone who made billions; I want to be known as someone who helped 1000 people become millionaires.

JT Foxx #2–Business JT: Some may see this as bad but I see it as a winning attribute, JT Foxx business is ruthless. powerful, doesn’t forget anything, is always thinking 8 moves ahead, and will out-work, out-think, out-foxx anyone of his competitors. HE expects 110% at all times and his desire to be #1, to continuously innovate, and keep proving people wrong is unparalleled. JT Foxx business has one goal–billionaire–and it looks with my new company this actually may happen very shortly. JT business may be so tough, but is extremely loyal and will never cross that line of ethics and will never attack unless he is first attacked. He will protect the brand at all costs and if you will attack, you better make sure he doesn’t get back up because once he does, it’s over. For many years I have been coached on how to be nicer which I did, but in the process I let that guard down where people then took advantage of me. I remember when I got sued for sexual harassment by someone I never even met 1-1 in person and they offered 100K to settle and I had done nothing wrong. My lawyers told me to settle because even though I was right, the media would have a field day. I refused and fought, costing me over 350K but I won and was proven right and her extortionist father and her got nothing. It’s not about the money for me, it’s the principle. I don’t just fight for my brand today, I fight for your long-term brand equity. Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs love JT business not only cause he makes them money, but also because what he says is what he does and he always delivers and if he has done something wrong, he will always apologize and make things right. I am not perfect and make mistakes like everyone else, the only difference is that I have 8 coaches to make sure that I almost make none. The last night of events, you will be surprised that Stage JT and Business JT will never be satisfied, no matter how much success, how much money I have it is never enough. It’s that same gene I am told that the likes of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, George Steinbrenner, and Larry Ellison have. It’s never good enough cause there is always more we could have done and there was always be a better way. To become successful you have to become uncomfortable, and if you are comfortable it is the beginning of the end. If you ever have the chance of being on the JT Foxx Business side, the only thing that matters is success and results and getting the job done.

 JT Foxx #3–Personal JT: A side very few people have seen or even know exists. This JT is loyal, has a heart of gold, and hates disappointing people. In the end he is a prankster, always busting balls, the guy everyone wants to be his friend. This JT does not care about the money and he never has, and rather gives it to charity to  make a difference in sick kids’ lives than his own. This JT spends very little and does not care about material stuff, Ferarris or 3 million dollar watches, even though he could afford them all day long. At the end to me it’s about feeling people out, it’s about getting to know them as Jack Welch said so well at Mega Partnering 8. The personal JT can’t sit still for more than a few moments and the only thing that makes his brain shut off is watching a movie at the end of the night. Watching it on an iPad on his bed and a pile of pillows on the floor so when he falls asleep, the iPad falls on the pillow. This JT is a side very few people get to see and often before he closes his eyes he hears ”JT, JT, JT can you, JT I need, JT please….” Those echos are exhausting and scary for some, for JT it’s a sign that as long as he is needed, he will continue to do what he does best, powered by your success.

Yes I am wired different depending on which JT you get, every second will never be boring and he is going to the top. The only difference is that he is taking you along with him.

Please feel free to share stories on how I have impacted your life or business. Sometimes it’s nice to know what I am fighting for and the impact I am making.

P.S. Don’t forget to come see me live all over the world www.jtfoxxlive.com


  1. Andrea

    I love hearing your stories and I saw you live in Durban. I am learning so much and I am polishing up my skills.

  2. Charlie Tolvanen

    As I sit here in an emergency room at a local hospital – I consider it no accident that our paths crossed back in July 2012. I acknowledge that you have changed me from a Geekasarius, left side individual, with Asperguris to the exciting world of conceptual thinking. All of your events have been educational, full of great people with varying stories and especially impactful even if only 25% of material is absorbed. Your story is a reminder to every person that with coaching, action and living your life on your own terms is the path to achieve true success.

    Thanks for your dedication to your “Family” and I consider it an honor to
    Be included in those whose lives you have impacted. You have helped Sara and I so do not hesitate in you ever need our assistance on your Journey.
    Charle Tolvanen

  3. Nazli Moosa

    Hi JT

    Your workshops have truelly helped me for a long time I have looked at my life in the past and associated it with someone else I had forgotten who I was and what I was capable of I went from a person being practically fearless in the cause for freedom not caring whether I lived or died as long as Mr Nelson Mandela was freed and our ideals met being one of the people to create an ecology club inaugurated by him in honor of our struggle against the racist regime and our loyalty and signed the mural we did which will always be a constant reminder pity I didn’t get a picture with him it was featured apparently on television though 50/50 I was supposed to speak made myself missing Iknow I know anyway not sure what happened but slowly getting back to her and hopefully become me again so THANK YOU

    I have my site up already now

    Oh a little note from the man himself as well

    Office of the President
    Republic of South Africa
    August 22, 1997

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I have been informed that the Environmental Club of the Alexander Sinton High School in Athlone, Cape Town has been chosen to send a delegation of students and staff to The 21st Century Schoolhouse International Youth Environmental Summit to be held in Salem, Oregon USA in September, 1997, and that further they have embarked on a fund-raising campaign to raise the outstanding funds without which they will not be able to participate. The school has been selected to represent the African continent at this summit which will bring together one school from each continent.
    I unreservedly give my endorsement to their participation and their attempts to raise funds therefor. Alexander Sinton High School has a distinguished history and I myself had inaugurated a most successful environmental project at the school in 1992. Their efforts deserve every support not only because these students from a disadvantaged school need to have their enthusiasm, energy and idealism nurtured, but also because I believe the school’s environmental club will successfully promote South Africa and Africa at this international event. Thank you.
    N R Mandela

    Thanks JT
    May you grow stronger and Stronger By the day Regards Nazli

  4. patrice

    i often ask myself why on earth some people have become more succesful while others remain so vulnerable? i came to realise that in every game there are rules that govern, and if so then which ones “governs the business game”? i follow JT Foxx, all i can say is that “he has managed to unlock the secret” of success in the field of business and he is kin on sharing it with the world! thank you Foxx for couching us on this business game that we all learning and wanting to get our slice of the wealth! you are #1 wealth couch and we love you.

  5. Atrayah Janhe

    Hi JT

    Coincidentally I came across information about a 2 day conference you were doing in Cape Town early 2014, literally days before the event, and which I simply ‘knew’ I had to attend. I was not disappointed!!!

    To say my eyes were opened, I learnt, I was invigorated, inspired and motivated, is to short change the resulting developments which are in continuous growth since that time. WOW!

    A highlight for me was you reiterating the importance of having a coach – emphasised by the speakers on stage – to which I begin working with my first business coach this morning.

    I’ve booked out my diary for your 2 days coming up in Cape Town, and have spread the word far and wide!

    Till then

  6. Winston

    Hey JT

    “They” often say in sales that people do business with people they like. You know that better than most I’m sure. Well I appreciate the insight you gave of yourself here because when we met in Durban (SA) last year you were not well at all and certainly not on top form (from what else I’ve read/seen of you since then). To be honest you weren’t very entertaining nor quick-witted. A powerful presence…sure! But through the fog of the flu drugs you must’ve been taking, a little edge of the “…hole” in you came out. Just my opinion, sorry. So that being my first impression of you, I really do appreciate the personal insights you gave above. I’m beginning to like you more and more 🙂 and even though we probably won’t meet again I wish you health, wealth and good relationships, and the time to enjoy them all.

  7. Craig Eshmade

    Thank you JT and team for coming to Durban, South Africa and for sharing some amazing content with us. I sure am gratefull, I went to one of your early events and then as many as I could. Been great to see you and Andrew grow and when I look back at myself I sure too have grown, maybe not yet in extra zero’s, but plenty in my mindset.

  8. Jo Sullivan

    Some friends and I met you just a few months ago… Since then I’ve attended three of your events – including flying all the way from the UK to Orlando to MP8. JT, I’m in awe of your energy and knowledge. Your events are superb, full of outstanding content and your coaching to me keeps haunting me. No more excuses 🙂 But most of all, if you can still laugh and make fun out of life and others, that’s awesome. I’ve attend too many events where it all gets too serious and heavy! Keep shining JT 🙂

  9. Christa Fourie

    Hi JT. Christa from Pretoria, South Africa. I am 47 years old and have been on an amazing journey of personal growth the last 2 years. However, since been introduced to your free worksjops, my vision for the future has expanded tremendously. I salute you for your tireless input into the lives of thousands of people whom you probably will never get to know personally. Please know that your input is valued and brings the results. Many blessings!

  10. Armant Hitchcock

    Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to learn more about you, your background and past, it quite moving. but in the same breath I also respect your privacy. I can relate to family and friends waiting for you to fail, not taking you seriously, being shunned one side.

    At a young age I realised that if I want to change my circumstance I will need to change myself first. I started to read business books pushed myself, form being a introvert, into sales and know I’m learning tons from you from the past 5 events that I’ve attended concerning marketing and branding. The first event I was so mind blowing I knew I couldn’t miss the next one. So I begged and borrowed to attend the next Durban event & catch the next bmv real estate event Johannesburg the next to days, even slept in a toilet booth was that broke, but I don’t regret it for a second. I’m not broke now but not yet running full speed either but each event I learn new concepts that I’m applying in my personal life as well as my new business, while I work towards building the infrastructure I need to launch thé business I want to start that Etteine thought could be the next big thing like Facebook but taking it one step at a time.

    You are a real inspiration, I don’t like to look up to celebs as role models for a number of reasons. But you are thé only exception.

    The day will come that I can Thank you in person but better yet have your back like you have ours.

    Thanks JT.

    • Omphile

      Hi Zodwa… You must be a self driven person and i would like to keep a circle of people who are self driven, for the fact that you’ll be taking a weekend off to go see JT it shows your commitment to success… See you there

  11. Eric Bakker

    I’ve been to some great speakers and followed their programms. People like Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes, T Harv Eker, Blair Singer, all of them were great and all of them made great impact in my life and or my business.
    When I saw JT for the first time in Holland at the NAC I did not know him, I had never heard of him before. He came up and had this amazing pitch and I was sold. I was one of the first people whom bought the programm.

    What is the big difference between JT and the others. For one thing, I have personally spoken to JT, I chat with JT on Facebook, he actually know who I am. I never had personal contact with the speakers before. Which was fine, I did not had the experience before. He has been to Holland over 4 times in 2013, while the others only did 1 or not even 1 venue.
    I went to Afrika Mega Partnering 2, although Business Mastery of Tony Robbins was more informative, I did learn al lot, I know I will learn al lot more on the next events.
    I’ve learned that repetition is the mother of all skills. I need the repetition in going to the venues and set myself in this learning mode, giving me the moment to excelerate to empower.
    Thank you for the things I’ve learned. We knew that we needed coaching to bring us to the next level. So far we had 3 coaches whom are all helping us to reach our goals, to maximize our potential, to gain that income we would like to have, to seek upportunities and to have fun while doing it. See you soon JT!

  12. James & Susi Knox

    With March Break coming up…you could send a message out to all the students who believe getting drunk and high is something to esteem to. You should be the College Poster Grad Man proving your chances of success are greater without booze +drugs.

    Yours is a wonderful testimony: “I have never had a drink, done drugs, or even smoked… based on what it did to my family.” High school and college students need to hear this message from someone who loved by many and has made his life an outstanding success through hard work in personal development! Well done, JT!!!
    A younger audience in peril needs to hear you…
    James and Susi Knox

  13. Graciela Blackstone

    Having an environment that can see me as I am . Create a coaching program that extrapolates the bare essence of my business and personal growth, re-designs a custom coaching for me that reflects my personal and business personality and culture. Helps me transform myself, then my business for the better. This is Mega Partnering! This is the roots of JT’s fiber as a MAN. I thank you for the insight about my vision of the Amphitheater for Humanity. You looked pass my color, inability financially, and saw my inner drive, and gift I was trying to give to society to make it better. Then you helped me ! That’s All in 1.5yrs. Totally transformed my thinking by the exposure to some of the greatest minds on earth for business. Nobody cared before JT Foxx and the Mega Partnering Family ! This Ladies, and Gentlemen is the TRUTH ! From a 0 % vision to a 75Million opportunity in 1.5 yrs.

  14. Makena Herget

    One and a half years of repeating JT’s teachings…….
    “How you Change is how you Succeed!”
    “Have a Vision, not a Dream”
    “Move forward with a Strategic Plan in place”
    “You’re never too old to follow your Passion”
    “Coaching is Key”
    These mantras and many others have given me the self confidence and determination to GO BIG with my business regardless of the naysayers! THANKS JT for inspiring and believing in each of us no matter what!

  15. Magi Anderson

    Haters reflect JT. They reflect their own inadequacy, their own small mindedness, their jealousy. The hate speech says more about the speaker than the subject. No hater can ever bring you down. I will stand up for you anywhere and any time. Thank you for inspiring my journey. Thank you for being who you are.

  16. Yomi

    I cannot wait to see you at Radisson Blu Hotel in Copenhagen on the 8th & 9th of March, 2014. I am looking forward to have a life changing seminar with you.

  17. Fritz Coetzer

    I needed a change in my life, hitting the big 50 later this year. Along came a chance when a guy called JT Foxx came to Port Elizabeth 24-25 Feb this year. I never heard of him before and although he could not make it personally, due to circumstances, I was taken on a ride that could just possibly bring that change! I was so jealous of the guys that got the chance to meet with the team personally … I will next time be prepared! We set up our own small “mastermind” team and we are all currently working on our new ideas … holding each other accountable. My new business is taking shape and will soon be ready to be shared with the world …. now I just need JT Foxx as my coach and I will start the journey which I should have started 20 years ago already!

    Thank you JT Foxx for that opportunity!
    Waiting in anticipation for your next visit to PE….

    Fritz C

  18. Frank van der Sluijs


    You have been a true source of inspiration since I first saw you in The Netherlands in October 2013. It’s been a great journey since then. The seminars have been great with interesting guest speakers and a top audience. I have met such great people!

    Listening in on your coaching calls through the iPod and subscription feeds my mind on a daily basis and inspires me to go further, faster.

    Currently working on corporate & personal branding websites from my new company, Digitally Branded.

    Best of luck and see you soon,
    – Frank

  19. Avril Betts

    Hi JT, I was trying to remember when it was we first met, it was your first seminar in Vancouver with Raymond many years ago. I remember after your talk thinking this young guy is good and is going places. In those days we all went across to the fast food place and the pub for lunch together, and yes you could be a smart alec at times but it was evident to me your were set for the big time. You have come a long way JT – I’ve been to every seminar in Vancouver and 2 Megas and I loved the Apprentice style program we did in New York. Congrats on everything you’ve done and all the people including me that you have helped along the way. I just hope you don’t become inaccessible over the next few years so you can continue to help many many more people. Every one I have brought to your seminars has loved them and several have signed up for the coaching. Many thanks again and all the very best with your future goals.

  20. Jenny Russell Maharaj

    Hi JT
    I came across your website by chance late last year and attended my first JT event during November 2013 in Durban.

    What struck me immediately is the – Authentic JT ! – Your beautiful positive and exhilarating energy which comes through boldly across the many complex layers of the JT personality.

    For me it is that deep authentic JT which inspires and engages……I am on a purposeful journey and the “JT magic ” that is empowering and uplifting ordinary human beings at every free session( those that just may not be able to afford coaching or make business deals) is ever so refreshing. Thank you.

  21. Wade Trussell


    Alll i can say is that i believe each and evry word of the previous comments. I met JF three weeks ago and my life will never be the same. JT i am sure you will remember me as the financial advisor guy but anyway back to the point. I have never met someone as honest, fearless and simply clever as him, we as South African’s are very pesmistic, myslef included and JF has touch me that the fear is not real as well as one of his employees Lucas. Since meeting JT and his team they just ignited my belief i has in myself and i have made such life changing decision and impacted so many people in a postive way as a result. They have made it so clear to me on how to be successful and it is about alot of things but what stood out for me is 1)Believe in yourself 2) Dont be afraid – as Nito says if your dersire is deep enough your fear will not exist 3) Act now! 4)Surround yourself by people more successful than you 5)Be positive! and i could go on for days about what i learnt and i am still learning. JT is real, this is real, I have experienced the power of JT’S networking and this was just a taste i am sure. he is impacting so many peoples lives and changing peples lives myself included. It is about sharing and that is exactly what he is doing. I read the other ladies comment and i too JT hope you don’t get to big for the littlle man, but i just want to say thanks for believing in me! And thanks for changing my life! Wade.

  22. Nicole

    Thanks for sharing! Your insistence and unwavering persistence to rise to the top is inspiring and has made it much easier for me to see and believe that I can get there too! Thanks for constantly sharing yourself and driving us forward and to the top and never settling. I am grateful to have learned these things from you.

  23. Ruth Coetzee

    you will always be No 1 in my book. No matter what the haters say, they cannot get away from the facts – that you care a great deal to see others succeed and achieve and will do whatever it takes from your side to see that they do.
    My journey started with you after your appearance at the Success Summit in March 2013 in SA. From your 1st workshop it was evident that you would challenge the norm, make each person very uncomfortable with the questions you asked but through that all, shone the absolute care and conviction you have that we WILL all succeed. Each promise you made, you kept – each time you over delivered on what you committed to doing and this alone is what sets you way above the rest. I know of nobody else in any arena that the same can be said about.
    You have given very many of us the gift of the faith that you have that we can achieve our goals and will provide the necessary support and tools to do so. Each time the content in your workshops changes and is relevant and applicable to the current market economy, so even if you just take the time to attend those, you are already way ahead of very many others.
    So, if the haters would like to go toe to toe with me on this issue -be warned – you will lose – the facts stand for themselves !!
    JT – you are the greatest, never doubt that and I challenge them all to bring it on and see if they can prove (with facts) otherwise . . . .

  24. Sonja Tomaschek

    JT…you rock the world!I`ve been to the event in Vienna and can`t wait to go to Amsterdam in June 2014. You deserve all the Best as you give all the Best to help the people pushing them to the next level.God bless you!

  25. Debra New

    Aloha everyone,

    I have never know such a young man who has gone leaps and bounds, never resting until he’s bigger than big. His visions have come true in such a short period. He earned and deserved his status as a millionaire, #1 coach, giving and expecting the best from his students, and having the best coaches by his side. It’s so inspirational to see him on stage. I have separated myself from those who didn’t believe. Some of my friends want to know about him after walking away from him. I tell them find out for yourself, reinvest in yourself and go to one of the training. I think how and what can I do to improve my business and foundation daily, never giving up. I will always be loyal to man who has grown and matured to what he is today. God’s blessings…no ka oi (number 1). Aloha no! Deb

  26. George Mike

    This is probably the best article that I’ve read.

    You just made a loyal friend. I had the opportunity to be with you yesterday, and after that event, on my way home, I realized what is my vision, the legacy I want to leave. And I want to you, JT, to be a part of it.

    Thanks for making everything clear for me now.

    I will be supporting you on your best and worst moments together.

    All the best,
    George M.

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