I want to be your CEO (yes….you read correctly)

YES I AM ARROGANT (Read the whole blog First)

Whether you have zero people working for you or 100 as some of my coaching clients do, I have decided to put myself in your shoes and become your CEO for a few minutes and I am going to this for FREE…

The Plan…

As CEO with limited or no funds time has never been so crucial. Here is what I would do  for you.

Step 1: Implement a revenue growth strategy. It’s all about growth and if I increase the numbers of clients, and the number of partners, this will triple growth. The best part is that I will do this without ever costing one single cent.

Step 2: I need to brand you Mr. or Mrs Owner cause right now marketing not supported by branding is useless. The more branded you are, the more we can charge, attract partners and better people to work for us. Once you are branded, your clients do the selling for you and become brand ambassador

Step 3: Imagine your time management is very poor and your focus is all over the place. We all have 24 hours in the day and I can run all my companies, spend half of it on a plane and still 5 weeks vacation you can too. The problem I need is that I need to focus you on what you are great at and delegate the rest. Don’t worry I have a $7 Dollar time management program coming in 1 week, I have heard your pleas for help.

Step 4: Implement a different culture from employees, to vendors or anyone who partners with you. This culture sets the expectation that you mean business and the more ideas you implement in the next 30 days, the more successful you will become. So here is the culture

  1. Speed of Implementation
  2. No Excuses
  3. Trust but verify
  4. Don’t bring me a problem unless you have a solution.

Step 5: We need a big marketing idea… We need something that is a game changer, either an idea, a marketing campaign, a hook, a new way of doing business. Something that is big and that will be single most important idea of your company. The one you will look back and say AHHHHH HAAA!!! Problem is we can’t outsource this to a marketer that makes less money than us or is from India or Pakistan is some marketing boiler room we found on elance.

What Now?

As you CEO you need to go to Mega Marketing because you need to learn how to become a CEO marketer. I am your operational guy but I need someone to get inside your brain and take the vision that you don’t even know you need and create something that you didn’t you had.

You are one big idea from financial freedom or on the path to living in the ocean of sameness.

Mega Marketing Tickets start at $197 and if you think that’s too much money, or you don’t have the time to spend 3 days with 3 of the best CEO Marketers on the planet, then that’s what’s wrong with your business.

Click here and let’s solve the biggest problem you have in your business.

110% Guarantee

If you don’t leave with one game changing idea at the first ever Mega Marketing, I will refund you all your money and pay for your hotel stay. That is how confident I am.

You need to focussing on the HOW to grow your business and focus on the WHY

So yes, I want to be your CEO but I rather help you become the next great CEO Marketer because at the end of the day, I going to help create the next Jobs, Trumps, Branson, Schultz and don’t think for one second that can’t be you…

Successful CEO Marketers don’t look at how much things cost they look at how much it will make it. Are you going to let the world’s #1 Wealth coach help you come up with that idea, or will you continue working in your business. Click here


AND YES I AM ARROGANT… Those who are arrogant enough to change the world are the ones who usually do… (Steve Jobs). So click on the link and let’s do this together and let me be your CEO Marketer for 3 days. 

Are you all in????

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  1. Ruth Coetzee

    Already booked and paid – I’m all in and can’t wait. I know you will deliver as always and my business is going to fly! Thank you

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