Who Says An iPhone Isn't a Business Phone?

The iPhone is quickly proving to be a powerful business tool.  This little phone can provide a helpful hand in your business, but you have to know where to look.  It is easy to get lost in the hundreds of thousands of applications offered, and because there are so many people with the iPhone, I thought I would give a little breakdown of some great applications that everyone in real estate could really utilize.   

1)    Zillow: This application uses GPS to determine your location, and as you drive, Zillow will tell you estimated real estate values for the houses you are near.  This application was made for people in real estate and can help to give you an edge over competition.

2)    Trulia: This application gives you up-to-date home value information.  You can search for the listing wherever you are and it will even map out listings.  You can even save the listings that stand out right onto your iPhone. 

3)    Evernote: This application allows you to keep track of all of the contacts and colleagues you meet while networking or on the road.  Take a picture of the their business card with your iPhones camera and Evernote will scan that information so it’s waiting for you in text form back on your desktop.

4)    Sketches: With this application you can take a picture of a property and email it to a client (or whomever) and mark it up, you can add arrows and notes right on top of the photograph!

5)    Nearby: This is one that I believe more people are aware of, but it is important to have an application like this handy.  It shows you everything that is around the property you are working with.  You might even find places that you were not aware of! 

So go do some application searching to make your phone work for you and your business!


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