Chicago Shows Promise

We can now see that Chicago home sales have shown it’s fourth consecutive monthly improvement during the month of May.  While this is good news, we must remember that the median home price is still significantly behind what it was a year ago.  There is a long way to go for a full recovery, but a real estate investor can still capitalize on the market before the recovery.  Real estate investors can even help the market on its way back up.  You can be a part of this savvy investment group that is thriving in this market.  Once the market is back in it’s prime, there will not be as much room for unique investors.  Learn how to create your edge now!

This weekend only, come hear me speak about how to invest in today’s Chicago market.  Come to invest in your future success, you will be so glad you did.  I am so excited to share this information with you, and to help you to become the investor with the unique edge that is so crucial in today’s market.  I will be there Saturday and Sunday, June 27th & 28th, so hurry up and register at to guarantee your place, as space is very limited! 

See you there!

Click here to read the article about Chicago’s home sales 


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