The Ultimate Book Writing Scam…what JT Foxx Thinks, The Dreamers Oasis.

I get many many emails and Facebook messages each asking me this question should I write a book?. I have two perspective for you and I hope this will clear this issue once and for all.  This is the JT Foxx honest opinion on this topic.

First Perspective

You are successful or on the cusp, you are know in your industry but you lack branding and you need that book. A book alone won’t help but if it part of a intentional congruence strategy, this is something my coach has ingrained in me from day. Many times success is about connecting the dots, taking everything we do and making them interconnected where you do the work once and every asset you have whether physical (companies or real estate) or marketing efforts all work together. Success is about having intergration and no one does this better than Apple. In your book you have to mention mention many of the projects you have, they have to be transformational and can’t be a knock off of a bunch of theories like the law of attraction. Write the book as if you are the authority on the topic you are positioning yourself in. The difference between the authority and the experts, is that the experts learn from the authority. A great example comes to find is one of my top coaching student Michelle Tucker who buys and sells business was very successful and wrote a book to increase her unique selling proposition and seperate herself from her competition. She has done a great job with social media using branding association she has made at Mega Partnering’s to connect all her dots. She is successful and yes I did read her book because she had that credability. Well done Michelle.

The Second Perspective
You are broke, you have no success, you are just starting in your business and you want to write a book because you think people will take you seriously. This is probably the single most naive move any entrepreneurs can make. No one wants to read your thoughts and opinions on anything unless you have had success. Knowledge of a product or a topic doesn’t make you the expert unless you have lots of proven result. How many successful entrepreneur have written a book before they were successful. In fact the amount of time you are spending trying to write a book you should pick up the phone and make calls and build relationships because it takes one deal, one person and one opportunity to change your life forever. I am sorry I am the bearer of bad news but I am bluntly honest. I deal with some of the world’s most success people and they don’t tell it to your face but when you are not successful, they just laugh it off or it goes straight to the trash. Now if you have sold over 5000 books then you can have respect but most people barely sell 25. Bye the way if you sell 50,000 books that makes you a New York Times Best selling Author. Time is a commodity you can’t afford to waste, it’s the only thing you can’t buy or take back, so focus your time and energy on the things will grow your business.

Books with several successful Authors Together .
Have you ever seen books where you have pictures of 10 authors together on the cover  where each author has an author. The book is carried by 1 or 2 guru’s and then 8 other unknowns. The idea here is to borrow from the 1-2 guru’s credability. This are simplest the worst and most boring books and they add zero authority or respect, in fact there are nothing more than a waste of money. On average the guru’s spend $5,000-$10,000.  I get about 6-7 a year sent to me and one is worst than the other.

Ouch the Conclusion
I can already see people dancing in the graves or those who have written books yelling at their smart phone or laptops. Yes I am sure there are exception to the rule as there is with everything but look at when you started before the book and where you are now. How much as your bank account grown. Results are the only way to measure progress, growth and success. If you are writing a book for your own personal legacy, then that is ok as long as you are under illusion of massive riches.

I can also see the haters running the book guru’s saying OHHHHHHH JT said this and that. They will in turn hate me more and tell everyone I am the worst human in the world. If that’s the case let me ask you question

1) What’s your financial situation now. If the only way you are making money is by selling courses on how to write books, than I guess your model is to write a book and you make money by selling other people how to make

  1. Please prove to me that your book is helping make money in other businesses other than selling book courses to others.

If you can do that ill stand correct and edit your blog with your story and give you all the branding in the world as the authority in book writing and even have you speak at one of my events and personally brand you.

I am not hating on any guru or book writers I am simply telling the truth that if you have accomplished nothing or not successful no one wants to read it and better yet this is now how you become successful. This is who I am I give it to your straight, I can admit when I am wrong but on this issue, I think you know I am right. Who wants to read a book from someome who has no success or very little success stories.

Many people live in a dreamers oasis and to prove a point despite all my successes I have never written a book because I can’t justify spending all the time wasting writing words when I can actually spend it my business, growing, expanding and exploding.

I guess the clock has struck 12 and reality has just arrived. You can choose to remain in denial and in fantasy land or come back to earth and focus on having a real strategic blueprint. If you already have a book, keep it you already invested the money and time.

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  1. Ernest Thomas Hamilton

    I have to agree with this logic and business insight. I am amazed actually how many people think that they should do only one type of marketing and somehow that will make them successful and pay them hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. This is complete nonsense. You have to do everything possible, hell even running down the street promoting your business. Its by doing all strategies combined does success finally knock at your door, and even then you have to open it and still you have to give the right impression and even still you have to say and do the right things for them to say okay we get you and we want you part of our business and team. It never stops. You are always looking for new ways to promote your business and the partners businesses you are associated with. 24/7 every minute and every second of every day, and every year until the end of time. It never stops. SERIOUSLY , You think just one book will make you successful. NO WAY!!!!! Its everything combined that finally explodes into a big bang of success. And sometimes that big bang is just a little pop of a delayed reaction that simmers into the biggest bang you have ever seen in your lifetime. Success only explodes through all the hard work and dedication and Loyalty that you have put in for years at a time, then suddenly you have that seemingly over night success. If most people really knew the truth then they wouldn’t put us creative entrepreneurs down. This is the reality of the real world people. JT FOXX IS RIGHT, AND SO AM I. GET USED TO IT AND LETS WIN IN THE REAL WORLD AND STOP DREAMING ON PAPER.!!!!!!! THANK YOU

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