Start Me Up! How to Become The Rolling Stones of Business

3) Sustainability, predictability and consistency

These three concepts are a must if you want to not only survive in business, but thrive.

Few brands survive 5 years, let alone 50 years. But consistent quality means the Rolling Stones are charging up to $800 for a ticket to their Newark show next week (and scalpers are charging up to $5000).

When you buy a Stones ticket, you know what you’re going to get – a show that gets you rocking and sends you home happy every time. That’s what sustainability, predictability, and consistency are all about. Another lesson? It doesn’t hurt to both entertain your clients as well as inform them.

4) Deliver a “wow” experience

Why am I so successful at so many businesses at such a young age? That’s actually irrelevant. Age has nothing to do with it. I have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else. But I learned that to be successful, you need to deliver an experience people won’t soon forget.

I’ve attended two Rolling Stones concerts, and each time I leave feeling like “Wow! What a show!” That’s the same experience I deliver at all my events. And I do it the same way Mick Jagger does, focusing on every detail – lighting, seats, sound – to deliver that “wow” experience.

Just remember, when you’re the CEO, you’re not the chief executive officer, you’re the chief experience officer. The devil is in the details (which I’m sure is on the Stones’ minds when they’re performing Sympathy for the Devil.)

5) Age 69 and still going strong

Think about Mick Jagger … Rod Stewart … Bruce Springsteen … and Paul McCartney. They’re all in their 60s and still going strong, with the same passion and love for the business they had five decades ago.

Age doesn’t matter anymore – especially when 60 is the new 40. I see that the dictionary defines “retirement” as “removing from useful service.” That doesn’t sound like much fun to me. So if like the Rolling Stones, you love what you do, why would you ever retire?

The Rolling Stones have plenty of money, so what really keeps them at the top of their game? They’re driven by the goal of leaving a lasting legacy and introducing new generations of fans to their music. So never let age hold you back from what you really want to do in life. Success comes at any age.


  1. Aurora F. Rimando

    Rolling Stones are not exactly my kind of band (I love the Beatles), but I like their I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. An iconic song for the modern man’s seeker of Truth. That there’s really much more to life than fame & fortune. As in helping the disenfranchised, which gives you the satisfaction of not wasting your life here on Earth.

  2. Kumar

    As before another amazing article with very important concepts. Using all concepts mentioned above consistently in our life and business will lead us to be very successful. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed it.

  3. Avril Betts

    I love these articles, keep them coming JT.
    PS. I can remember being at a concert in the UK when the Stones and Beatles were in the same concert. That’s before the days of one band concerts, when there were multiple celebrity acts all in the one show. Sure dates me, love the Stones, Beatles and of course Elvis, miss all the songs you can actually sing along to.

  4. Dennis D.

    What a genius! You taught me valuable business concepts by talking about the Rolling Stones!! JT, thank you for your passion, mentoring and leadership. See you in the front row at Mega Partnering 6!!

  5. Gesmay Paynter

    Rolling stone is perfect example. That photo of Mick Jagger is so powerful. It’s all about energy. How can you fail if you have that kind of power/energy?

  6. Sieasa

    Looking to rocking and rolling with you at Mega partnering. I will be sending Jessica a note re: my logo needs a “WOW”. Loving the excitment of being in the know how with who.
    JT keep the morale boosters coming.

  7. ArlettaUNLEASHED

    Great article JT!!! I am always good at creating a wow factor but for some reason it had kinda slipped my mind in designing my latest website. Thanks fr the million dollar reminder!!! Appreciate you.

  8. Joey Winstrom

    Genius!!! I am also going to email Jessica I need a new logo also. This is one of the best articles I have ever read !!!


    Great brand I can really say. That logo brand with the tongue actually came from the 1977/1978 album that had the track I Miss You, on the album.
    What’s crazy I actuall worked with Keith Richards during the time that he and and Mick were apart, which was around 1991/1992, I was a young assistant recording engineer working at Master Sound Astoria Studio’s in Queens New York. Keith had a group called the Xpensive Wino’s and yes like you said JT it didn’t do very well when they were apart. So the Mick, Keith connection is the Stones, that’s the brand, not them apart I was there I know. Keith came to the studio with 25 different guitars back in those days

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