Mexico Makes Plans to Strengthen Their Economy

Recent drug wars have made Mexico an unsafe place to visit in the eyes of many tourists.  For Californian’s, weekend trips to Mexico have turned into weekend trips to Vegas.  The violence going on is undeniable, but Mexico is determined to keep and/or bring back the tourists.  They will do whatever it takes because the country realizes that their $13 billion travel industry is crucial to their economy, in fact, Americans alone make up 80% of that figure.  The major focus is Mexico’s “Baja California”.   This region includes Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada, which are easy driving distances from the States.  Some plans to create a more comfortable environment for tourists include training a new task force, bilingual officers, and an extreme increase in police presence.  Mexico will be making a huge step in the right direction if they pull this off.  They know that they can really capitalize on tourism, and that is where they need to focus their energy.  It brings an influx of money to the country, creating stability, and hope for economic recovery.

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