Canadian Wins Nobel Prize

Love to hear news about successful Canadians, and this particular piece of news is huge.  Willard Boyle, along with two other men, has earned himself the 2009 Nobel Prize in physics!  Boyle, a born and raised Canadian, is the man behind the CCD (charge-coupled device).  Not familiar?  You might be surprised.  The CCD is what transforms light into a larger number of digitized image points, or pixels, in a split second.  The CCD makes digital photography possible.  Today, CCD is used in almost all digital cameras and camcorders.  It is even used in the Hubble Space Telescope.  What this man created has been incredibly influential to our generation around the world.  Remember the days where everyone had to use film?  Now it is so simple to deal with photography.  You can take a photo and have it uploaded onto your computer ready to send to the world in minutes.  The days of using film cameras made this process much more difficult, with the added component of a scanner if you wanted the picture on your computer.  So, when you whip out your digital camera today, know that we ultimately have a Canadian to thank for it!

Way to represent Canada Willard Boyle!  Click here to read more

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