JT Foxx Complaints, Lawsuit Talk, and of course… the Haters!

Being successful is not easy. It seems everyone is rooting for you on the way up and once you make it, everyone wants to see you fall. I have always said that when someone can’t do something themselves they want to tell you that you can’t do it. Well on Sunday I saw a twitter blog post from Richard Branson explaining why he loves Necker island and he doesn’t do it to evade taxes. After reading this I was positive that this was an answer to some kind of attack. Well.. my gut instinct was right and sure enough, the Daily Mail in the UK did a whole piece on how Richard Branson evades taxes.  The article went viral and now, Richard has to defend himself.

Yes I have been sued, but what successful person hasn’t?  I live in America where everyone sues everyone for any reason and less than 98% actually go to trial. My coach, who has been with Donald Trump for 40 years, says that if you haven’t been sued you haven’t done any business.  What people claim in the initial suit is never what ends up actually being admissible in court.  What people never report is that I win these lawsuits because I refuse to settle and I will fight it to the end because I don’t believe in paying extortion money.

The problem though is that the internet isn’t always your friend.  It is an amazing tool but it’s also a business killer. Reputation management is becoming a bigger and bigger issue as competitors go out of their way to make up fake reviews from fake clients in order to discourage people from doing business with them. Remember when people go online they look for reasons not to do business with you. Furthermore, most of the haters are people who can’t do it themselves. I mean do you think successful people have the time to go online to leave a long email about this other person and how they suck? The rules of most gossip go as follows: Good news doesn’t sell and if it bleeds it leads.

In today’s market there are 2 ways to get rich:

  1. Win the lottery
  2. Sue people for it
  3. Work at it and get coaching

Well #1 and #2 are much sexier because #3 actually involves work. So my advice to you is simple

1) If you get sued, don’t settle.  The only time you settle is if no money is involved.. otherwise they will keep coming back. Why do you think insurance companies and car companies fight back? It’s because it would open the floodgates to all kinds of new claims.

2) Protect your brand.  People will google things like your name for reviews, scams, types of fraud, and complaints. So I protected my brand by signing up JT Foxx Lawsuits, JT Foxx Complaints, JT Foxx Review.. etc,  so I can control the message with real testamonials rather than the fake reviews that are made with the intention to hurt my business. Remember all you have is your name,  your brand, and your credibility.

Bottom line is the haters will also be there as you rise to success. People will always look for reasons to tear you down. Being in business is not easy.  Whether you are Trump, Branson, Robbins, Kiyosaki, or me, we all have fake reviews and competitors trying to take us down. Remember haters come and go and you will always be on top. There is a lot of room at the top but it’s the bottom that is crowded. I wrote this blog post because many of you have been victim of what I experienced and I am here to give you hope and to say that I am your #1 fan when it comes to your success and I am here to help.

Richard Branson didn’t do anything wrong and I won my JT Foxx lawsuits because I refuse to allow myself to be extorted. Those are the facts and not third party accounts.


  1. Ernest Hamilton

    Thank you Jt for telling it like it is. This world is full of jealous people who are mad at themselves for not having the drive to succeed, so they take their anger out on the people who have come up with new and innovative ideas, that the haters can never create themselves. Its terrible that this world can be so cruel. But I guess part of being successful is also being tough as nails so that you don’t crumble under pressure and attack. Its sad really, we work so hard to build something and it gets torn down and destroyed by false rumors and gossip because people are to lazy to work that extra bit for their success. I want to thank you JT for kicking the wasps nest just now. I needed to hear this. It makes so much sense what you just said. And Richard Branson is an amazing humanitarian who deserves respect and admiration. These haters should be ashamed of themselves for attacking him. Branson does so much good in the world… JT I think we need to create a movement of our own. Lets band all the successful people together in this movement, and lets show how powerful we are compared to the haters. I know you are doing this, but what I am talking about is taking it to a whole new level that no one has ever done before. I would love to be a part of that!!!! 🙂

  2. Paul kazanofski

    Thank god for warriors like JT if not for the effort and fight in this guy there would be even more law suits….I can’t stress enough on how important it is to have a great example like this for my business and future businesses I take on . It’s sad that most people will hate you because your successful the sad thing is most successful people are the most giving with everything. all they want in return is loyalty and respect….believe me I’m someone who see’s things for what they are this Jacque Lynn is the fraud and she’s someone who is vindictive and not to be trusted I’m learning everyday because of leaders like JT and Trump ….etc that I need to protect myself thanks for paving the way..fellow warrior for the truth!!!!!!

  3. Cees

    Great article JT! Finally all the haters have to discover deep inside why they’re not succeeding in life. They will have to change their mindset and their believes about success and about themselves. Keep up the good work JT. See you in Amsterdam!

  4. Elias Shongwe

    JT your article is so spot I vouch fot it wholeheartly.I’ll tell what I experienced myself.I’m not a successful business man but I consider the path I’ve travelled has been a success thus far.I’ve been experiencing a lot of hating from last year.As a result that resulted in me conducting myself in a way which has been counter productive.In short I bacame paranoid and wasn’t a happy person as I changed my attitude to insulate myself.But then that ended up doing more damage to myself (brand) than was intended So I then decided I’m no longer going to allow what other people think of me decide how I conduct myself.As Steven Covey correctly say focus on those things within your circle of concern since those you have greater control over than those that are outside.

  5. Shukla Kar

    Quite incredible story! I am sure that it’s not easy to avoid jealousy at any level. We have to fight back to protect ourselves as well as our special interest, whether that’s a business interest or personal. I truly appreciate your down right honest opinion over this subject. Every bit of this knowledge would help someone or other. A wonderful job done!

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