JT Foxx Extorted

Today I am sadly disappointed. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. About 30 days ago an individual attempted to extort $90,000 from me via his attorney claiming that if we did not pay him, he would sue and go to the media on behalf of his daughter. Ironically today I get a call from a reporter asking about a frivolous accusation from a raging jealous father looking to make a quick buck hoping I will settle so I can avoid any embarrassment from these made up claims. How ironic.

We are planning to sue for upwards of 5 million dollars and looking into going to the federal authorities to expose such outrageous frivolous hurtful allegations and extortion.

Many people in my position would pay hush money to make it go away even though they are innocent, but it my case I plan on using the fullest extent of the law at my disposal to send a message that no one should be extorted falsely and expect to profit from it.

Of course no one will print my side of the story because the truth never makes good headlines. Even after you do offer a comment, they don’t print it.

Stay tuned, I will be posting more details in the coming days as they develop…

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