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Hello from my Marketing Mastermind

I’m writing this email from the best marketing mastermind in the world surrounded by 25 of the top info-marketers in business today. I’m learning so much, and it’s so fun being around people who can share ideas and strategies. It’s the best $25,000 I’ve ever spent.

I’ll be introducing this group to you, because many of those people from the mastermind will be speaking at Mega Partnering IV or will be in the audience learning and networking with the world’s greats.

Here are the three best things I learned from the mastermind:

Google Slaps: I am not sure if you know this but Google has become very strict on business opportunity websites that advertise on their search engine. If they don’t like your website they can slap you forever from advertising with them. It was my understanding before that they really didn’t like Opt-in boxes. The idea of an Opt-In box is to capture the information. Especially if you are spending a lot of money on getting names for your list, you want to make sure that you capture their information.

Well I found in the mastermind, that is if ok to have opt-in boxes, the key is to have other places where they can navigate around the website, and that you have an address at the bottom of your page. Those little changes make you Google compliant. That is great to know cause that changes the game entirely.

One of the things that makes me different than all the other marketers is that I attract a lot of high end entrepreneurs. I love A-Players and people who truly have the passion to succeed. (Not the tire kickers who are waiting for the government to help them become rich.)

Well the financial market is a billion dollar industry and they are very specific on what they are looking for. So one of the very effective things to generate leads is to create a financial report. By December I will create one the best financial insider reports in the business. I believe in my long term strategy is that it will attract a lot of high end networking opportunities for all my students. (Myself included.) It could take future Mega Partnering events to even a greater levels. I have bought a few reports from potential competitors to understand their funnel. I often buy products and services just to see their marketing funnel and what their marketing looks like. You can learn a lot from other successful marketers. Considering how much money they spend, that is a good bet.

I didn’t even know this site existed but Everything is 5 bucks. I think I am addicted to that site. I did a British voiceover for my radio show, I did 5000 likes on my fan page, I did 130 backlinks for some of my Domains… ALL FOR 5 BUCKS. I love it. I also bought a report for 5 bucks on the best Fiverr providers. That saved me a lot of time also. It is an amazing resource.

I have another 97 nuggets I learned at this marketing mastermind. I will be sharing many more ideas at Mega Partnering IV at the end of the month.

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