Communist Rule Turns 60

Yesterday, China proudly celebrated 60 years of communist rule.  This was the largest celebration to date and they were not kidding around!  The ceremony ran two and a half hours long and was choreographed to the tee.  Hundreds of thousands of militants took part which created a pretty unique sight.  President Hu Jintao was, of course, on hand carefully watching every step.  He gave a short speech in which he said, “On this joyful and solemn occasion, all the peoples across the nation feel extremely proud for the progress and development of the motherland and have full confidence in the bright prospects for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”.  The entire ceremony took place in the famed Tiananmen Square, which is now even more undeniable since the summer Olympics.  This is a proud time for China as they have claimed the world’s third-largest economy.  But there is no hiding the many problems that they are experiencing.  For example, the growing gap between rich and poor, healthcare, extreme pollution, and out of control corruption, just to name a few.  Every country has their obstacles, and you can only hope for the best.  But last year was really a great year for China with the Olympics.  They allowed the world to view China in a different light, and many have.

You have to check out some video of the event!

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