2010 Olympics Could Boost Insurance for Canadians

With Vancouver hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, in only a few months, some are rightfully worrying that the games presence may cause car insurance to raise across the province.  They are bracing for higher crash costs during the Olympics which would, in turn, eventually cause drivers to pay a higher premium.  Experts are estimating collisions to rise by at least 30 percent.  It is already difficult enough with snowstorms, now you have to factor in all of the drivers and tourists that are unfamiliar with these driving conditions.  Most would agree that this would be a small price to pay in order to bring such a huge event to the province as it is well known that the Olympics bring in the money and can help the local economy enormously.  Others would say that the province is fine and they don’t need the prices of necessities going up.  Either way, it is something that will have to be dealt with when the time comes, because it is definitely coming.  There is no stopping the Olympics!

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