Are Your Ads Nagging Your Customers?


If you are like me, seeing the same commercial play on Hulu every 15 minutes while I am trying to watch a show, doesn’t get me to want to buy their product, it does the exact opposite and I never want to see that commercial again.

The most recent example of this marketing strategy is with Microsoft. If you have Windows 7 on a machine capable of using Windows 10, chances are you are getting swamped with ads from Microsoft telling you to upgrade.

These two aren’t the only ones, and it makes me ask “Why is this a good marketing strategy?”

A customer based business develops a relationship with its customers that nurtures commitment and cultivates loyalty. It comes from an attitude of genuine and expressed respect for the customer. Personal interactions matter to your customers. A brief conversation can build or destroy your relationship.

In response to a company’s “over marketing”, customers will do one of two things. They will turn to Twitter or Facebook writing about how annoying you are, or they will simply ignore or block you. Either of those options are not good for your brand.

If your clients are doing one of those two things, you may want to ask yourself if you are over marketing to them. If you find you are, these takeaways can help save your business:

  1. Research shows 2 ads back to back about your product is more efficient in getting a client to listen to your message
  2. If you have a pop up ad, give the viewer an option to click out of it that isn’t near impossible. One of the top complaints with Microsoft is the ads pop up on the full screen and do not give an easy solution for them to be closed. Resulting in them going on social media telling people of a solution to get rid of the annoying ads.
  3. Social Media Rules:
  1. Instagram: do not post back to back, repetition is death. Think “we are in this together”.   Post things that make them feel part of your community
  2. Facebook: research when the your target audience is most on FB. Facebook is doing more to target specific ads to a certain type of person and what they like. Have a mix of ads that run and get people to comment about them


To Your Success,

JT Foxx

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