1 Million in 18 months is it possible for you?

Asset protection:

Start now – it’s not how much money you make but how much you keep. One of the great mistakes I made earlier in my entrepreneurial journey was that I thought I didn’t need asset protection because I had no money. I didn’t need a plan. Once I started making big money it was too late and I was screwed and it cost me a lot of money. Don’t make the same mistake I did… it set me back 2 years. (I’ll explain at the event.)

Think like a bank:

My coach Nido owned a bank and is on the board of BB&T bank, howeverd you don’t need to own a bank to run it like one or have similar profit centers. They are the ones who have the big buildings and make a killing. They only lose money when they become too greedy or don’t watch their numbers.

Watch your numbers:

Every lead, every second of your time, every person you meet should have some kind of valuation. Until I did that, I never realized how much time I was spending on the activities I was not making money on rather the ones where I was making big profits. The irony is sometimes I thought I was making BIG money when it fact if you added all the hours I spend on the deal, I was losing.

Take calculated risks by becoming a better risk manager:

Every decision I make by asking myself 3 questions. What’s the best thing that can happen, what’s the most likely thing that can happen and what’s the worst? Remember — if you don’t take risks or get outside your comfort level you never will succeed.

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